Does Canon offer trade in? What is Canon's Privileged Pricing Scheme about?

Canon do not offer product trade-in. In other words, your product does not have a trade-in value when you want to return to Canon in exchange for a newer model.

However, Canon offers a privileged pricing scheme to our existing customer under the following conditions: 
  1. your current Canon product is beyond economical repair or
  2. we ceased to offer the latest drivers for your current Canon product to operate with the latest operating system.

Only a Canon engineer can verify whether the product is beyond economical repair. The engineer will offer you the privileged price for a newer model of product in the same category. No other Canon staff from other touchpoints can verify the state of the Canon product.

Please bring your Canon product to the Canon Customer Care Centre for review. You can also choose to request for an engineer to visit / pickup the product.  Relevant charges apply 

How comes your website is not updated with the information of the new product model(s)?

When a new product model is announced or launched worldwide or in certain country, it may not be available for sales in Singapore yet.

We will post the product on this website once it is available for sale locally. Do keep a lookout on Canon Singapore website.

SOHO / Printer-related

Is it possible for me to sell Canon my unused cartridge? Does Canon offers buy back scheme for unused cartridge?

All goods sold in Canon cannot be returned.
We would like to advise that you buy only what is needed as cartridges have limited shelf life and they can be purchased from major stores across the island.

Where do I buy Canon ink cartridges?

Canon ink cartridges is available in various stores across the island, find a shop near you here.

Alternatively, you may place your order on Canon eShop.

Can I buy a printer in one country and use it in another country?

Different product models are sold in different countries depending on the markets’ needs.
If the product model you bought from one country is not sold in the other country, you may not be able to find the compatible consumables there.  You would not be eligible for local warranty for your product as well.

We recommend you buy the printer  from the country that you intend to use it in

Can I use a non-original, reconditioned; or refilled ink to replenish the ink in my cartridge?

Canon does not recommend refilling the ink because repeatedly using the same printhead will block the nozzles and result in severe damage to the printer. Your warranty on the printer will also be void when cartridge is refilled or when non-original ink is used.

For refer here for more information on counterfeit product.

How do I identify a genuine Canon toner and ink cartridge?

You can find out how to differentiate between a genuine and fake cartridge here.

Google Cloud Print / Apple AirPrint / Easy-PhotoPrint for Mobile Devices

You may refer here for more information on the mobile applications

I need a longer USB cable to connect my printer to my computer. Can I purchase one from Canon?

We recommend to use the original USB cable that comes bundled with your printer. They are usually 1.8m long. We do not supply any longer USB cables and cannot guarantee that third party USB cables will successfully connect your printer to your computer. Depending on printer specifications, you may also connect your printer using wired LAN connection or Wi-Fi.

What can I do if I lose the original USB cable?

You can purchase third party USB cables to use with your Canon device. We recommend one that is of good quality and within 1.8 metres in length.


Why is the battery life different in similar models?

While two camera models may appear similar, they might have different specifications. For example, the lens barrel, processor, LCD etc. may be different and have different operating characteristics. All these factors have a bearing on battery utilization which might make it necessary to use different batteries. The approximate number of shots that can be taken in one full charge is listed in the camera's shooting specifications.

I can't find the USB interface cable in my compact camera box. Where can I find it?

With the introduction of built-in SD card readers in most computers and newer Wi-Fi enabled cameras, we no longer supply USB interface cables with selected compact digital camera models.
You can refer to your user manual to see what accessories are included in the box.
If you prefer to use a USB interface cable to transfer your photos from the camera to a computer, you may purchase one at any IT accessories store.

I am a professional photographer. Can I be a member of the Canon Professional Services?

CPS (Canon Professional Services) is a free service designed to support professional photographers using Canon professional equipment in their daily work. Find out the benefits and how to be a member here.


How do I technical assistance for my Canon product troubleshooting?

You can find some helpful technical FAQs to troubleshoot your Canon product at our Support & Downloads portal.

If you need further assistance, please contact us here.

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