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    Printing from a Computer (USB Cable) (SELPHY CP1000)



    Step 1: Installing the printer drivers
    • Internet access is required to use the auto update function. Any ISP account charges and access fees must be paid separately.
    • In this section, Windows 7 is used as an example. The on-screen displays and operations may differ depending on the operating system.
    • You must be logged in as an Administrator in order to install/uninstall software.
    • The model and software names displayed in some of the example images below may differ depending on the SELPHY you are using.
    • Installation may not be possible depending on the settings of security software installed on your computer.
    In some sales regions, a SELPHY CP1000 Solution Disk is included and can be used for printer installation. For details, refer to the "Getting Started" guide.

    • SELPHY can be used with computers which meet the following specifications:

    WindowsMac OS
    OSWindows 8.1
    Windows 7 SP1
    Mac OS X 10.8/10.9
    Free Disk SpaceApprox. 5 MB *Approx. 7 MB *
    * Space required for printer driver installation. The space required for software operation and printing varies depending on the software and print data.

    1. Download the printer driver from the Canon homepage and install it on your computer.
    Connect to the Internet from a computer and access "http://www.canon.com/icpd/".

    • Select your country/region and follow the instructions displayed to complete the download.

    2. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.

    3. If the following screen is displayed, click [Yes].

    4. The following screen will appear. Click [Next].

    5. Read the license agreement and if you agree to the terms, click [Yes].

    6. When the following screen is displayed, prepare SELPHY and connect it to the computer.

    7. Turn off SELPHY and remove any inserted memory cards or USB flash drives.

    8. Insert a loaded paper cassette and an ink cassette in SELPHY.
    For more information, please refer to Printing images with your new SELPHY CP1000 photo printer .

    9. Use the USB cable to connect SELPHY to the computer.

    For more information on using USB cables or connection instructions, refer to the computer or cable user manual.

    10. Turn on the printer to complete the installation process.
    • Press the [ ] button to turn on SELPHY.

    • The printer driver is installed.
    This completes the procedure for installing the printer driver.

    Step 2: Printing from the computer
    Use image viewing or editing software to print with SELPHY.
    1. Prepare SELPHY.
    Remove any inserted memory cards or USB flash drives.

    • If the printer and computer are not connected yet, turn off the printer momentarily, connect it to the computer via USB, and then turn on the printer again.

    • Insert a loaded paper cassette and an ink cassette in SELPHY.
    For more information, please refer to Printing images with your new SELPHY CP1000 photo printer .

    Computer operations are explained from step 2.
    2. Access the printing dialog box.
    • Start the photo software, select images to print, and access the printing dialog box.
    • As the destination printer, select [Canon (SELPHY) CP1000].

    3. Choose printing options.
    • Choose a paper size corresponding to the size of paper and ink cassettes in SELPHY. Also choose bordered or borderless printing as an option with the listed paper sizes.
    • Choose the printing orientation and number of copies, as desired.

    4. Print.
    • Printing in progress cannot be canceled from SELPHY by using the [ ] button. To cancel printing, use the computer to delete the print job.
    • The printer may not work correctly if it is connected to a computer via a USB hub.
    • Avoid allowing your computer to enter sleep or standby mode while the printer is connected via USB. If the computer enters standby mode with the printer connected via USB, wake the computer without disconnecting the USB cable. If recovery fails, restart the computer.
    • For computer or photo software instructions, refer to the relevant user manual.
    • If an error message is displayed on SELPHY, also check for any error messages displayed on the computer (in desktop mode). Messages will be automatically dismissed once you resolve the issue indicated.
    • If a message is displayed on the computer, you can also click [Cancel] to cancel printing.
    • Mac OS: If [Canon CP1000] is not available as a destination printer, register the printer on the computer as follows.
    1. Access [Printers & Scanners] from [System Preferences].
    2. Click [+] below the list.
    3. Choose [Canon CP1000].
    4. Click [Add].
    This concludes the procedure for printing from a computer.

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