Entering Characters



      For screens that require alphanumeric entries, follow the procedure below to enter characters.

      Use [ ] or [ ] or (Scroll Wheel) to move the cursor position left or right.

      Use [ ] and [ ] to move the cursor position up and down.

      Press [OK] to enter the highlighted character or space and to determine the entry mode.

      Press [ ] , [ ] and [ ] , [ ] or (Scroll Wheel) to change the entry mode, then press [OK].

      • <A/1>: Alphanumeric character entry mode
      • <Sym>: Symbol entry mode

      You can also use - (numeric keys) to enter numbers.

      Select <Backspace> by pressing the left Any key to clear the entered characters one by one.

      Select <Set> by pressing the right Any key to complete the entry and return to the previous screen.

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