Management Message on Risk Management - Canon Singapore

Management Message on Risk Management

The management team of Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. are committed to ensuring the sustainable growth and development of the company through the pro-active identification and systemic management of risks that may have a significant impact on the company’s business and operations.

  1. Importance and Objectives of Risk Management
    We believe in the importance of risk management as a key defence to protect our company against both foreseeable and unforeseeable events that may have a negative impact or burden. Effective risk management also helps accelerate our planning and recovery in the event of the inevitable occurrence of a risk event.
  2. Risk Management System
    In line with our attitude towards risk management, we are committed to having a Risk Management System comprising the following:
    (a) Risk Management Policy
    (b) Risk Management Governance
    (c) Risk Identification
    (d) Risk Management Activities
    (e) Risk Management Evaluation and Improvement
    (f) Risk Management Education
    (g) Crisis Management
  3. Adaptability to Changing Conditions
    Our surrounding business, regulatory, environmental and other conditions remain dynamic. In an era of constant and rapid changes, it is necessary for us to be adaptable and respond promptly to changes through our risk management activities.
  4. Continual Review and Improvement
    We will continually improve our risk management system by periodically reviewing the system to ensure its adequacy for meeting its objectives.