Our Values - Canon Singapore

Delighting You Always

Delighting You Always is the driving passion of every employee here at Canon and it is our corporate slogan in Asia (outside Japan). It is our DNA to provide extraordinary experiences to all our customers at every opportunity. Today, we are proud that our brand is synonymous with customer satisfaction and service excellence, building strong relationships, over the years, on the promise of trust and reliability.

At Canon, everything begins with kyosei, our dedication to seeing all people, regardless of culture, customs, language, or race, harmoniously living and working together in happiness into a brighter future.

Big Smile

Just as how our cameras capture smiles, we believe smiling more makes us stay positive and productive, with the added benefit of becoming more physically and mentally healthy. We aim to bring smiles to you through ‘Big Smile with Canon’. Through various initiatives, we build up the DNA of every existing and new employees to be able to do so. This helps to ensure that our corporate slogan of ‘Delighting You Always’ is something that rings true within our organization, so we deliver our brand promise. 

Red Hot Passion

Red is not just a colour, at Canon, it represents vitality and a passion driven life and our Red Hot Passion initiative encourages employees of all levels to give their all for endeavours that make a difference to our customers, our community and to the world. On Passion Mondays, staff are encouraged to wear something red to remind each other of the importance of having passion in all we do.