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5 Ways To Showcase Your Personality Through Paper Media

Have you always been drawn to creative self-expression but are intimidated by art? Don’t be! Expressing yourself does not require in-depth knowledge or artistic skills, prints and photo stickers are simple and fun alternative mediums. Try out these 5 fun and simple ideas.

1. Liven Up Your Refrigerator

When you think about creativity, kitchen appliances are probably the last thing you think about. With our magnetic photo paper, it's easy to decorate it with your personalised designs.

Whether it's snapshots of your loved ones that never fail to act as a mood booster or handy reminders to do your chores, you can turn an ordinary fridge into a colourful canvas that expresses your personality.

2. Infuse Personality Into Your Room Decor

A bedroom is one’s most personal space, so it should reflect who you are. There are many ways of decorating your room but they can be costly. Stay within budget by sprucing up your walls with affordable items such as a metal grid, wooden pegs, prints and fairy lights.

First, print out photos of your loved ones and your favourite quotes on our Canon paper, which showcases vibrant colours and a glossy finish that lasts up to 30 years. Next, secure the metal grid on the wall and clip your favourite prints on with wooden pegs. For added fun, paint the wooden pegs with different colours. Lastly, liven up the area by entwining fairy lights around the borders of the metal grid for a dazzling finish.

3. Create Your Own Magnetic Chore List

Writing a list of chores is a chore itself. But with a few family members at home, a chore list is needed to effectively organise tasks and prevent the “You were supposed to do it!” blame game.

Instead of organising tasks with the conventional pen and paper, why not try a less tedious and more environmentally-friendly method? Create your own magnetic chore list with Canon’s magnetic photo paper! Get creative and print household chores on different shapes and designs. Try assigning colours according to the difficulty level of chores and set a rule where each member has to complete an equal share of difficulty. To make it even more personalised, print out photos of your family members instead of simply printing their names!

4. Start a Photo Journal

A photo journal is much more than just a compilation of photos. Writing in a journal alongside the photos not only allows you to pen down your thoughts and feelings but also gives you something to look back on.

If you have a hobby in baking, create your own recipe book and record your development by compiling photos, recipes and comments. Many avoid creating photo journals due to the amount of time and effort needed. But with Canon, just snap a photo with your smartphone and send them to your wireless PIXMA printer for immediate printing. Try using colours and drawings to create stickers that describe your experience of executing the recipe, they’ll be great for when you look back. But most importantly, have fun! What matters is not how aesthetically pleasing it looks, but how well it reflects you.

5. Add a Personal Touch to Photo Frames

Photo frames are great for showcasing your photos and decorating your house, but there’s a limit to the designs in which they come in. If you have old photo frames laying around or find them too plain, create your very own personalised photo frame!

To create a three-dimensional look, string wooden pegs together to hold your prints. In just a few steps, you can create a personal photo frame that not only expresses your personality but also acts as great decor!

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