Panoramic Blending and Light Trails Photography + Post-production Workshop - Canon Singapore

Panoramic Blending and Light Trails Photography + Post-production Workshop

18 Feb 2023 (GMT+08:00)
19 Feb 2023 (GMT+08:00)
SGD 280.00


Join Professional Travel & Landscape Photographer, Carlos Monforte in this exclusive workshop to learn the techniques of panoramic blending and light trails photography.
This programme include 1 photo shooting session and 1 post-production session where participants will learn the step-by-step editing process under the guidance of the instructor.

The workshop is open to all camera brand users.
Slots are limited.
Conducive participant-to-instructor ratio, minimum 4pax, maximum 8.
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Workshop Fee: SGD $280
18 Feb 2023            5pm - 8pm      (Photo shoot session)
Live demo & hands-on for shooting panoramic & light trails.
Exclusive session with dedicated vehicles and lighting to create desired light trails effect. 

19 Feb 2023          10am - 4pm      (Photo post-production session inside conducive classroom environment.)
Live demo and step-by-step editing with instructor.
Work on actual images created during day 1 live-shooting session. 

Gears requirement:
-DSLR/Mirrorless + Lenses (Preferably wide angle)
-Tripod and preferably a remote release
-Laptop with Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop. 




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