EOS R50 (Body)

Move into a new Realm

Meet the Canon EOS R50, the new RF-mount successor to the EOS M50 Mark II that was a hit among bloggers. Recording video in 4K 30p (6K oversampled) or Full HD 120p with the lightweight Canon EOS R50 gives you more room to express your creative abilities. Focusing for photos and videos is a breeze thanks to EOS iTR AF X and Dual Pixel CMOS AF II.

Highly accurate burst shooting of up to 15 frames per second allows you to capture stunning images at a resolution of 24.2 megapixels.

  • Approx. 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor & approx. 375g
  • 4K 30p (6K oversampled) & FHD 120p
  • Up to 15 fps & EOS iTR AF X



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Terms & Conditions
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Lightweight & Compact

The EOS R50 maintains high image quality and performance comparable to the higher end EOS R10 while remaining compact in size, with width and height nearly identical to the previous EOS M50 Mark II model. It's small and light enough to be brought everywhere for you to record your vlogs for the world!

Amazing Vlogging Capabilities

The 6K oversampling process in the EOS R50 uses the same debayer algorithm from the CINEMA EOS System. You can shoot amazing 4K videos with clearer video quality and lesser noise compared to native 4K recordings.

The EOS R50 can record in IPB (FHD 30p 12Mbps), which is great for posting on social media. The camera allows transcoding and it compresses 4K and Full HD into smaller file sizes for ease of transfer to smartphones or social media platforms.

Close-up Mode

Want to give your audience a closer look at your favourite item or your latest purchase in a product review vlog? Now your livestreams and recordings can be made without stressing over whether the item in your hands is in focus. The Close-up mode will always be able to focus on the item closest to the screen and switch back to focus on you after the item is out of screen.

Slow-mo Recording

Make your storytelling stand out with some cinematic slow-motion effects. Slow down the footage by up to 4x (playback at 30p) with the EOS R50’s 120p Full High Definition (FHD) recording. 

Coordinate Control IS 

Deliver smooth handheld footage even while using a lens without image stabilisation. Five-axis stabilisation is delivered by Movie Digital IS to reduce the effects of camera movement.

When used in conjunction with an RF lens with IS, coordinated control is used to improve stabilisation even more.

Streaming Ready

Be different! Livestream to your audiences with superior video and audio quality with the EOS R50. Simply plug and play using a compatible USB-C cable to your computer and use the camera as a high quality webcam.

Native Vertical Recording

View vertically recorded videos on the EOS R50 directly on your smart devices without the need to make edits or conversions. Now you can upload vertical videos directly to your favourite social media platforms.

Aspect Marker

With the Aspect Marker function, you can make content that fits your favorite social media seamlessly. Use the visual guides of your preferred aspect ratios while you're shooting to help you better frame and compose your shots.

Hybrid Auto Mode

Appreciate the convenience of having a video compiled for you to relish at the end of the day. Each time you take a photo, the Hybrid Auto Mode will automatically record approx. 2-4 seconds of footage before the shot.

These short clips are then compiled together with the images taken on the same day to make a digest movie.

Focus Breathing Correction

The camera's angle of view changes slightly during focus racking while recording video, causing an annoying 'pulsing' effect in the footage. The EOS R50 corrects this automatically when a compatible lens is used, ensuring a smooth and natural result consistently.


Stunning Images

Amazing Speed

Rapid autofocus speeds make it possible to focus in a single blink. In addition to its accurate AF/AE system, the EOS R50 can capture images at up to 15fps in electronic shutter mode and 12fps in electronic first curtain shutter mode with AF/AE tracking enabled.

The 15fps silent burst is useful in situations where silence is required, such as live performances and wildlife photography.

High Image Quality

Get high-quality images with the EOS R50’s 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor paired with DIGIC X image processor. With an ISO range of up to 51,200, you can shoot amazing images even in low-light situations.

Be impressed by the clarity of a low-light image with high ISO that can be captured using the Multi Shot Noise Reduction function.

Creative Tools


Images rendered in 10-bit HDR PQ have a higher dynamic range with beautiful gradations, especially in highlights areas. Achieve greater gradation when using Auto Lighting Optimizer and Highlight Tone Priority with HDR PQ.


Panning Guide

Be surprised at how easy it is to get a beautiful panning shot with the EOS R50’s Subject Blur Guide. With a visual display in-camera to guide you with coloured lines to match the subject’s movement, you’ll be creating masterpieces in no time.


Make stunning panorama photos right within the camera. The EOS R50 now has a feature called Panorama Shot (SCN mode). You can take up to 5 shots per second as you move the camera in one direction, and the camera will combine the images into a high-resolution, high-quality panorama.

Digital Teleconverter

You can now reach even further without having a telephoto lens. The EOS R50 has a digital teleconverter that uses digital processing to achieve the effect of a 2x or 4x zoom (2x or 4x the focal length of the lens), depending on the mode.

Advanced A+

Advanced A+ detects various difficult scenes, such as night scenes, macros, and portraits with a strong backlight, and captures multiple images before combining them into a single composite.


Photograph well-lit scenes without having to worry about blowing them out. The camera takes a series of pictures with varying exposures to create a single, more tonally rich picture with less black-and-white clipping.


Scenes with a strong backlight against a human subject can be challenging. With backlit HDR, the camera takes multiple shots with a single press, combining the images to create a final image with rich highlight detail.


Effortlessly keep focus on the entire image. Multiple images are captured at different focus positions and combined into one image with a much larger depth-of-field.


By combining multiple consecutive shots of night views at a faster shutter speed, you will get an image with more shadow and highlight details. Colours are also enhanced for more vibrancy.


Subject Detection

The EOS iTR AF X (Intelligent Tracking & Recognition Autofocus) will automatically detect and track moving subjects while you focus on getting the perfect composition.

Human Detection

Be amazed at how well the camera follows the subject's eye, head, or body when she moves, changes positions, or even when partially obscured. 

Animal Detection

Animals can be unpredictable and keeping focus on them has always been challenging. The Animal Priority AF removes this challenge and allows you to get focus on the best framing. Cats, dogs and birds can be tracked.

Vehicle Detection

With the Vehicle Priority AF, you can capture incredibly sharp images of fast-moving vehicles down at your local racetrack. It will track the cars and motorcycles while you concentrate on the composition.


Made for You

Use the camera's touchscreen in the same way you would use a smartphone. To access the controls and settings more intuitively, simply touch, drag, swipe, pinch-in and pinch-out. The Shooting Guide Mode provides you with clear visual guides, ensuring that you can master the camera's arsenal of functions and settings.

Built-in Flash

Get well-lit shots even in low-light situations with the EOS R50's built-in flash* or use it as a fill-in light when shooting against a backlit scene.

*approx. guide number 6.


Look through the EOS R50's Electronic Viewfinder as though you're looking through an Optical Viewfinder. Highlights and shadows areas have a more enhanced gradation for that natural-looking image.

Vari-angle LCD

The fully articulating 3.0-inch touchscreen LCD with 1.62-million-dot resolution provides versatility and convenience for more difficult angles.

Experiment with different viewpoints, whether from above, below, or simply by reaching around an obstacle.

Multi-function Shoe

Sporting a next-generation interface with dust- and water-resistant design. The brand-new Multi-Function Shoe provides power from the camera and allows data transmission to support various types of accessories such as:

  • Speedlite EL-5*
  • Speedlite Transmitter ST-E10
  • Multi-Function Shoe Adapter
  • AD-E1 Directional Stereo Microphone DM-E1D
  • Smartphone Link Adapter AD-P1

*uses own battery



Transfer files wirelessly and quickly from the EOS R50 to your smart device or PC using high-speed 2.4 GHz built-in Wi-Fi*.  The EOS R50 supports Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3) for added file security on wireless networks.

*Specifications may vary depending on country and region.


A USB-C port allows easy file transfer from the EOS R50 to an iOS or Android phone via the Camera Connect app with a compatible USB-C cable. You can now charge your camera via the USB port with the Canon PD-E1 USB Power Adapter (sold separately). 


The built-in Bluetooth connects the EOS R50 to an iOS or Android phone and supports the remote controller function through the Camera Connect app. It also supports the BR-E1 wireless controller.

Automatically transfer images and videos in their original quality from your camera to Canon’s cloud storage service, from which you can then upload to social media, download data to your PC, or forward to third-party cloud storage services and editing apps.


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