Sensor Size (W x H) S35 Format 26.4 x 13.8
Key Features S35 DGO Sensor
4K @ 120FPS
Compact Form Factor
Professional Interface
Lens Mount RF Mount
RAW Recording Feature
(Internal / External)
Highest Quality Compressed Recording Codecs
(Bit Depth / Data Rates)
*@50P unless otherwise stated
XF-AVC 4096 x 2160 YCC422 @25p (10bit/410Mbps Intra)
XF-AVC 4096 x 2160 YCC422 @50p (10bit/260Mbps LongGOP)
MP4 (HEVC) 4096 x 2160 @50p (10bit/225Mbps Loong GOP)
Media Type SD Card
(Dual Slots)
Battery Type
(Power Consumption)
BP-A30/60 (14.6W)
SDI Output Specifications
(SDI Out only)
Input / Output Configuration HDMI Out (Type A), Headphone Jack, Mini XLR X2, BNC Timecode, 3.4mm DC IN & USB Type C
LCD Screen and EVF Specifications LCD: 3.5' (2.76 Mil Dots)
Base ISO (Clog 2 & 3) 800
Dimensions (W x H x D)
*Weight (Body only)
Dimensions: 160 x 130 x 116
Weight: 1170g
Additional Notes Small and Compact entry level camera with RF Mount
4K slow mo and XLR inputs