Digital Photo Professional Express (DPP Express)

Image Processing on the Move

The app that brings powerful features of Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software to your compatible iPad, paired with Canon’s Camera Connect app, DPP Express allows processing of JPEGs and .CR3 RAW files with an intuitive interface. You could now view images and adjust settings right on the iPad then save the files to the cloud, a computer or even camera.

*Digital Photo Professional Express app version 1.2.0 onwards would be available with a monthly subscription fee, from October 2019. Further details will be available soon.


Connect Your Camera

With the Camera Connect app installed on your compatible iPad, it's simple to connect wirelessly to your camera to download images, operate remotely and more. Images stored on the camera's memory card can be downloaded instantly and automatically for review, sharing or use in DPP Express. The Camera Connect app also makes it easy to change camera settings, take pictures and video and even apply GPS data.

Intuitive Controls

DPP Express is designed for fast and intuitive operation on your iPad. With touch-operated controls and a clear, simple user interface, it's easy to adjust settings like tone curves, picture settings, gamma levels and even lens correction right on your iPad and see the changes applied in real time.

Multiple Editing Histories

To create and compare different versions of the same image, DPP Express enables Multiple Editing Histories. Helpful in differentiating and comparing effects or setting changes on the same image, this feature creates up to four editing histories to view and save. To apply the same set of corrections to different photographs, Edit Histories can even be copied and pasted among images using the DPP Express Copy and Paste adjustment functions.


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