CN20x50 IAS H E1

The new CINE-SERVO lens features a 50–1000 mm focal length range and high 20x zoom magnification, the world's longest focal length2 and world's highest magnification in its class.2 Enabling new possibilities in imaging expression, the lens's exceptionally long focal length and superior optical performance, which facilitates use with large-format cameras and the capture of 4K-resolution video.

  • Smaller and lighter than conventional lenses
  • Compatible with EF mount Super 35mm cameras
  • 4K resolution Ultra Telephoto Lens
  • High 20x magnification at 1000mm
  • 1.5x Built-in Extender
  • Maximum focus length at 1500mm
  • 11 Blade diaphragm for attractive softening
  • Lens-Camera data communication
  • Support standard Cinema accessories
  • EF Mount