CN10 X 25 IAS S/E1

Developed for the broadcast and film making professional, the CN10 X 25 IAS S/E1 achieves extremely high zoom lens performance by meeting 8K imaging specifications. Designed for Super 35mm cameras in both EF and PL Mounts, the lens is also future proofed for larger Full Frame sensors if the extender is activated. Coupled with the included servo which is removable, the CN10 X 25 IAS S/E1 a flexible lens with a wide focal length range that will fit into most productions as a general purpose lens.

  • 8K Image Quality
  • Removable Broadcast Style Servo
  • Optimized for Handheld Usage

8K Image Quality

Fulfills 8K HDR Image Quality Standards

Canon’s expertise in optics design and manufacture is proudly showcased in the CN10 X 25 IAS S/E1. The lens is capable of 8K image rendition not only in the centre but also at the periphery of the image. This high level of sharpness is matched by the lens’ ability to suppress unwanted aberrations to deliver high image quality capable of meeting 8K HDR standards.

The Canon Cine Servo Advantage

The CN10 X 25 IAS S/E1 starts at 25mm at its widest and up to 250mm at the telephoto end. This flexible high magnification lens allows for shooters to get from a mid shot to a close up easily without camera movement. With the highly popular CN 7 x 17 KAS S/E1 covering the wider shots, the CN10 X 25 IAS S/E1 is the perfect companion lens, allowing for a 2 camera set up that covers 17-250mm which are color matched and similar in operation styles and lens brightness.

​​​​​​​To round up the Canon Cine-Servo family of lenses, the class leading CN20 x 50 IAS H/E1 provides a focal length of 50-1000mm, allowing the Canon Cine-Servo family of lenses to fulfil any production requirement.

CN10 X 25 IAS S/E1 Cine-Servo on C300 Mark III

Canon Cine-Servo Lens Family

Special Features and Ergonomics

Features such as a 1.5x extender, removable drive servo and support for Canon focus and zoom demands are fitted into an ergonomic package that is optimized for handheld shooting. Such features also enhance the flexibility of the CN10 X 25 IAS S/E1, allowing its application in both broadcast and cinema productions, making this lens an ideal solution for many production scenarios especially in genres such as TV Drama and Documentaries.

Focus and Zoom Demand Ports that Supports Virtual Systems

Zoom, Iris and Focus Rings