Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety (QEHS) Policy - Eco Project - Canon Singapore

    Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety (QEHS) Policy

    The Management and Staff of Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. (“Company”) are committed to the concept and practice of total quality, environmental, health and safety (“QEHS”) throughout our organisation and complying with relevant legislation and other requirements.

    The objective is to provide sales, distribution and servicing of Canon office equipment and other electronic equipment in a manner that meets the standards and requirements of our customers. This is central to our customer satisfaction philosophy to instill confidence in our customer and continually improving Quality, Productivity, Environmental, Health and Safety performance and impress upon them to engender empathy and create new values.

    We are committed:

    • To develop, implement, maintain and improve the Company’s QEHS Management System.
    • To enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements.
    • Continually strive to improve processes, costs and add value.
    • To prevent injury and ill health and to place the safety and health of all employees as top priority.
    • To improve environmental and quality performance through conservation of natural resources, waste minimisation and prevention of pollution.
    • To arrange, provide, maintain and continually improve safe system of work for all employees.
    • To plan safety related and incident prevention activities.
    • To provide adequate training, information and instruction on quality activities, environmental protection, workplace safety and health hazards.
    • To provide all necessary resources for the protection of people and assets.
    • To ensure that the requirements of environmental, occupational safety and health, legal and other requirements are complied with.


    Herein lies the fundamental of all work undertaken and practiced by all personnel in their daily activities. It is important that all staff acknowledge their responsibility in these aspects and provide positive contribution for quality, environment, health, safety and welfare in conjunction with this policy. 


    Kazutada Kobayashi
    President & CEO
    Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd.