Green Technology Award - Large Enterprise

    The Singapore Sustainability Awards (SSA) is an initiative of the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) showcases the deployment of innovative and impactful sustainable practices among organisations in Singapore.

    Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. is recognised for the efforts in meeting the need for deployment of environmental-friendly technology for the Singapore Business community with the presentation of the Green Technology Award - Large Enterprise, at the 2015 Singapore Sustainability Awards (SSA).

    Singapore Green Label Certification

    The Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS) is administered by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) and is one of the region’s largest and most established environmental certification labels.  It is a scheme that certify a product which complies all the environmental impact requirements of the specified product category.  The Singapore Green Label Certification helps consumer identify environmental-friendly products when making purchase decisions.
    In November 2004, Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. became the first company to obtain the Green Label Certification for Canon copiers.  Our range of imageRUNNER ADVANCE copiers are certified under the Printers, Fax Machines & Multifunctional Devices category.
    Since 2015, Canon papers have been awarded with the Singapore Green Label Certificate for Paper from sustainable source.  In 2017, SEC introduced stricter standards for pulp and paper products as part of the enhanced SGLS.  The enhanced assessment criteria focuses on prevention, preparation, suppression and recovery of peatland management.  It is also benchmarked against international eco-labelling schemes which make it one of the most stringent scheme in the world.  From October 2018, Canon paper is granted the Singapore Green Label Certification under the enhanced Singapore Green Label Scheme for Enhanced Pulp & Paper Version 1.
    The Green Label Certifications attest to Canon’s continuous effort in pro-environment approach for both product design and manufacturing.

    environmental certificationsISO 14001 Certification

    ISO 14001 certification is based on the international standards outlined by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). It is primarily concerned with environmental management systems. This certification is awarded to companies that consciously reduce harmful effects on the environment in their activities.

    In August 2006, Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. was awarded the Group ISO 14001 certification. With the successful conversion from its individual certification to consolidated group certification, Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. has demonstrated an environmental management strategy to bring about sustainable development in line with the Canon Inc Group name. Like its headquarter, Canon Singapore is concerned about the potential impact of their activities, processes, products and services to the environment. 

    As of 2016, ISO 14001 consolidated certification covers Canon Inc. as well as 129 Group companies in 40 countries and region around the world.

    environmental certificationsCO2 Emission Reduction Project

    True to our corporate philosophy of "working and living for the common good", Canon Singapore had also embarked on projects to reduce CO2 emission for our logistics activities. This particular project involved using Lean 6 Sigma methodology to improve on the Supply Chain export cartage process. Implementation of the proposed solution managed to reduce export cartage cost by 20% and reduction of carbon emission level for the process to be reduced in excess of 50% compared to the original process. This project was also recognized and won a bronze award in the WDA-SMa Productivity & Innovation Awards 2011. 

    It was estimated that the project reduced the CO2 emission from 78 tons per year to 15.6 tons per year. This is equal to the amount of CO2 emitted when flying from Singapore to KL and back 1,313 times!