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    Huber's Butchery 

    We change to innovate and to adapt. If we do not change, we will be left behind. The Canon team performed above and beyond expectations in walking us through this change.

    Mr. Ryan Huber
    Managing Director
    ​Huber’s Butchery 


    The Challenge

    • Lengthy print jobs
    • Inefficient workflows
    • Hindering productivity

    The Solution

    • imageRUNNER ADVANCE multi-function devices
    • Canon Business Solutions

    The Results

    • Improved speed and efficiency
    • Improved employee productivity
    • Cost savings

    Business Overview

    Huber’s Butchery, a prime meat and sausage supplier to many restaurants, cafes and hotels in Singapore, celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. The family-owned business is founded and led by its managing director, Ryan Huber. 

    In overseeing the business through an entire decade, one of Mr. Huber’s challenges was ensuring that the company evolved with the increasing demands for speed and efficiency, particularly when it came to order fulfilment. 

    The Challenge

    From Dot Matrix to Digital 

    The traditional dot matrix printer had served Huber’s Butchery well, but it lacked the precision and efficiency in keeping up with the orders that came in, with some days seeing over a hundred delivery orders. 

    “We had to be more productive – it would take us a long time to print the invoices with the dot matrix printers, which in turn caused delivery delays to customers,” Mr. Huber explained.

    With this in mind, the decision was made to migrate to Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunctional printers.

    Apart from the vastly improved printing speeds, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunctional printers also came equipped with a staple-free feature which binds two to three sheets of paper together. This was perfect for invoices which required signatures on multiple pages. 

    Along with the printers, Canon Business Solutions provided software solutions that now document order numbers by automatically sorting and storing digital copies in the server – a feature previously unavailable.

    The Solution

    Support by Canon Business Solutions 

    The implementation process from traditional dot matrix printers to a digital process proved daunting to Mr. Huber’s team at first, but Canon provided support for the transition every step of the way.

    “The Canon team explained patiently and meticulously how Canon’s Business Solutions could improve our operations and how they would ease us into this new system.” Mr. Huber explained. 

    “That gave my staff the confidence to adopt the proposed solutions,” he added, with a smile of relief. 

    But beyond just workflow improvements, Huber’s Butchery also saw cost savings of $400 per month from the reduction in paper and ink usage. This was a welcome bonus that affirmed Mr Huber’s belief that the migration was the right call to make. 

    “We change to innovate and to adapt - if we do not change, we will be left behind,” he said, adding, “The Canon team performed above and beyond expectations in walking us through this change.” 

    The Results

    Cost Savings

    The improved efficiency in their workflow processes meant better customer satisfaction as the company no longer had trouble keeping up with the volume of orders. The ability to store invoices digitally in the server also saved valuable man hours in retrieving documentation, when required.

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