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    Indonesia AirAsia (IAA) - Case Study

    Indonesia AirAsia (IAA)

    The implementation of Canon’s print management solution and the subsequent training received positive feedback across the board. We are truly glad to partner with Samafitro, the trusted, authorised distributor of Canon in Indonesia.

    Mr. Paulus Hendarto Gunawan
    Desktop Manager
    Indonesia AirAsia (IAA)


    The Challenge

    • Large amounts of confidential information
    • Needed to boost productivity
    • Inadequate support from previous vendor

    The Solution

    • imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction devices
    • uniFLOW print management solution

    The Results

    • Boosted information security
    • Heightened productivity
    • Reliable maintenance and support services
    • Reduced print waste and lowered costs

    Providing affordable flight routes, Indonesia AirAsia (IAA) is a reputable brand that has been making waves in the travel industry. Comprising 1 head office on top of 33 service and sales offices located throughout Indonesia’s main cities, IAA prides itself on offering affordable aviation services aimed to deliver maximum customer satisfaction.

    Large Amounts of Confidential Information

    IAA’s airport facilities process a sizeable amount of transactions every day, resulting in an accumulation of confidential documents and information revolving around customer particulars, flight route details and more. A large amount of confidential information also passes through IAA’s head office, which handles salary slips as well as legal and financial documents.

    Suboptimal Daily Operations

    IAA’s staff were not equipped to print from anywhere within IAA’s large premises which impacted overall productivity. Furthermore, without user authentication in place, printouts were often left uncollected and resulted in staff picking up incorrect documents by mistake.

    Maintenance and support services were also not readily available; IAA’s previous vendor failed to rise up to the occasion whenever devices broke down. This put IAA in a tight spot, having to scramble for solutions whenever such a situation arose.

    Looking for a Trusted Partner

    The operations of an airline service company such as IAA goes non-stop round the clock, making it imperative for IAA to engage a vendor that can offer quality service assurance. With that in mind, IAA decided to engage Samafitro, an authorised distributor of Canon in Indonesia that offers reliable support across the components of services, consumables and spare parts.

    Providing Customised Solutions

    Samafitro started with conducting a survey to facilitate a comprehensive data collection process, meticulously identifying problems and issues that needed to be addressed. Data collected comprised the total number of users, resultant print quantity as well as the various needs of each division. The solutions presented by Samafitro were then adjusted along those parameters, fitting IAA’s needs perfectly.

    A Seamless Implementation

    IAA’s Flight Operation and Finance departments were the first two to adopt Canon’s solutions. This was followed by the Commercial Marketing division and all other departments including the Sales and branch offices outside the Jakarta region. The implementation was seamless with Samafitro’s strong support, and the training process received positive feedback across the board.

    Boost in Productivity and Security

    With 115 Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction devices (MFDs) deployed across IAA’s flight operations and head office, IAA managed to improve productivity and ramp up their information security.

    Authentication and secure printing were implemented with Canon’s uniFLOW print management solution, where the tapping of an AirAsia employee ID card helped to limit unauthorised usage of the MFDs for greater security.

    Staff are now able to securely release print jobs from any MFD within IAA’s large premises, effectively cutting down on travelling and waiting times. This helped to eliminate uncollected and unwanted printouts, leading to a boost in information security and an approximate 20% reduction in costs. Regular reports were also provided to monitor usage per user, helping to control print activities and forecast paper procurement.

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