Keep Calm and Restart Your Multi-functional Devices

Back at the office and using your Canon multi-functional devices? Here are 6 tips which might come in handy after a prolonged period of inactivity!

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4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Canon's FACTS

Recently, Canon introduced the all-in-one Facial Access Control Temperature System (FACTS) which can simplify and make these necessary health practices more efficient, accurate and safe. Here are 4 reasons why Canon’s FACTS is a competitive piece of new technology you should incorporate into your business.

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3 Solutions for the Post-COVID World 

COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it permanently. The world will be different and it will stay this way until a vaccination is found. As we prepare ourselves for the post-covid world, we should fight hard and fight smart - with the use of smart technologies and enhanced surveillance. Canon is determined to join this long battle against the pandemic, in line with government efforts and new safety measures that are put in place as Singapore slowly ends the Circuit Breaker and embark on a three-phased approach to resume activities safely. Here are some solutions to simplify your business challenges unique to this pandemic. 

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Riding the Digital Wave with CONES

​A digital revolution is taking place. It is disruptive, fast-paced, and constantly evolving. For traditional businesses, this change may come across as a concerning development. But like every disruption, this change comes with silver linings: new technologies and platforms give rise to efficiency, productivity, and open up opportunities for business growth. 

So where does Canon come into this?  Read on to find out more.

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Sparking Innovation in a Time of Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed thousands of lives and put a halt to many activities, leaving a remarkable dent in the economy. Businesses are feeling the heat to evolve and survive during this time of uncertainty.But COVID-19 is not the only crisis that the world has faced. Innovation is born from adversity and there is no doubt that the current situation will help push innovation to greater heights.

Read on to see how past crises have led to new discoveries, and what we can expect at the end of this challenging global crisis.​

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Things You Can’t Buy in Stores – Circuit Breaker Reflections

While money can’t buy happiness, ordering bubble tea delivery to loved ones comes close to the real thing 😜

Learn how Vincent Low, Canon’s Senior Director and General Manager of Canon’s Business Imaging Solutions, maintained a positive mindset by staying connected with friends and families during the Circuit Breaker period.

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