0% Instalment Payment Plan on Canon Products!

Working from home? We’ve got your printer and toner needs covered. Stock up on your Canon essentials with a 0% instalment payment plan on Canon products*!

*$500 min. purchases on Canon camera and printer products. Applicable to OCBC and DBS credit cards only. Limited time only, terms and conditions apply.

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Sparking Innovation in a Time of Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed thousands of lives and put a halt to many activities, leaving a remarkable dent in the economy. Businesses are feeling the heat to evolve and survive during this time of uncertainty.But COVID-19 is not the only crisis that the world has faced. Innovation is born from adversity and there is no doubt that the current situation will help push innovation to greater heights.

Read on to see how past crises have led to new discoveries, and what we can expect at the end of this challenging global crisis.​

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Riding the Digital Wave with CONES

​A digital revolution is taking place. It is disruptive, fast-paced, and constantly evolving. For traditional businesses, this change may come across as a concerning development. But like every disruption, this change comes with silver linings: new technologies and platforms give rise to efficiency, productivity, and open up opportunities for business growth. ​​​​​​​

So where does Canon come into this?  Read on to find out more.

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How Your Company Can Survive an Economic Downturn - and Emerge Stronger

The economic landscape is looking bleak in this COVID-19 pandemic., especially with social distancing and quarantine orders significantly impacting many economic and social activities.This begs the question: how can your company survive this crisis? ​​​​​​​It’s natural for leaders to think about how to brace themselves and their company for the harsh economic conditions ahead.

Taking cues from past economic crises, here are 3 tips that will help you prepare for the upcoming global recession

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Working from Home? You Might Be At Risk

With the COVID-19 global pandemic becoming more widespread, many businesses across the world have activated work-from-home practices to minimise the spread of this highly infectious virus.  Infectious disease aside, working from home can have its own set of safety issues – problems with cybersecurity.

Read on to find out how you can protect yourself and your company’s confidential information when working from home.

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