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    Solutions to Turn Challenges into Opportunities: A Conversation with Norman Ayob, Head of Sales & Marketing, Canon’s Innovative Solution Centre

    From digitisation to digitalisation and digital transformation, Canon is committed to ensuring the sustainability and resilience of your business with the formation of the ISC team during these challenging times. 

    We hear from Mr. Norman Ayob, Assistant Director and Head of Sales & Marketing of the ISC division on how the ISC team contributes to turning 2020’s massive challenges into meaningful changes. 

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    Printing Consistent High-Quality Work at DON DON DONKI

    For the past two years, DON DON DONKI has been working with Canon's imagePROGRAF PRO Series large format printer to produce their distinctive neon posters to their print boards, standees, and item labels. 

    To understand how all of this was possible, we sat down with Mr Ma Jingtao, a senior network engineer with DON DON DONKI on how Canon's printers help bring their products and promotions to life.

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    How to Manage Post-COVID New Norms With the Help of AI​​​​​​

    With the relaxation of COVID measures, more people will return to office and spaces will quickly start to crowd.  Though we have adapted to the pandemic with SafeEntry, TraceTogether and technological devices, it is equally important to construct systems that can prevent future outbreaks.

    Read on to find out how Canon's Smart Workspace Solutions are helping to create safer workspaces for businesses.

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    In With The New, Out With The Old: How Industry 4.0 Is Shaking Things Up

    Industry 4.0 is a new wave that’s set to transform the Manufacturing industry globally and locally as we know it. However, the pace of Industry 4.0 adoption at present is uneven and seems to be clouded in much confusion and lack of knowledge. Click to read how Canon's solutions can help clear the air, and enable you to take full advantage of Industry 4.0.

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    When Compromised Cybersecurity Costs You Entire Businesses

    When the Microsoft Exchange Server was hacked early this year, more than 30,000 U.S. companies lost total remote control over their systems. Singapore alone experiences 26 daily cybercrime cases. 

    With remote working becoming the norm and with society increasingly reliant on digital systems, this makes many companies vulnerable to a cybercrime attack. 

    As such, Canon has partnered with ESET to help safeguard businesses and better anticipate the digital industry transformation. Read on to find out how your business can benefit. 

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