Think Big, Think Smart - Employers Are Looking For This One Skill

Want to be the ideal candidate and land your dream job effortlessly? It goes without saying that you’d need skills to keep you competitive and relevant. Critical thinking, in particular, has been identified as one of the top skills needed in today’s economy. Thus, it’s no surprise that this soft skill is highly-coveted by most employers. 

Let us break down why this skill is so important and how you can master it.

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4 Ways to Keep Your Team From Burning Out

A topic that is becoming more commonly talked about today, employee burnout is not just another myth. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), burnout is a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.

Perhaps you or someone you know could be feeling this way. We all know that happy and healthy employees keep the cogs running smoothly, how then can one work against possible signs of employee burnout in your organisation and maintain peak productivity in the office? Read on for four burnout ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​buster tips to keep in mind.

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Getting to Know: Mr. Peter Lim, Engineer, Corporate Service Division

Meet Mr. Peter Lim, Canon’s Resident Engineer who’s been servicing one of Singapore’s largest law firms over the past decade. Given the sheer scale of paper-based processes involved with any legal practice, their office boasts a fleet of 67 Canon multi-function devices. When the time came for the organization to upgrade their office equipment this year, they chose to stick with Canon. Pleased with the support he has been providing for years, it serves as a reminder that clients don’t just purchase our products, but the relationship that comes along with it.

We sat down with Mr. Peter Lim, who has been representing Canon at the esteemed law firm for the past decade. Read on to take a closer look at his duties as an Engineer.

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Dentons Rodyk: Laying Down the Law on Productivity and Efficiency with Canon’s Business Solutions

Ensuring the smooth operations of Dentons Rodyk, part of the world’s largest law firm Dentons, is by no means an easy feat. Started in 1861, Dentons Rodyk is celebrating its 157th year, making it Singapore’s oldest law firm. Meeting the requirements of such an established operation is an incredibly demanding task – and for a law firm, time, security and accuracy are naturally of the essence.

How do staff at Dentons Rodyk juggle these high stakes on a daily basis, and which equipment or technology do they utilise to ease the process? We sat down with Loh Kia Meng, COO & Partner, and Alvin Aw, Head of IT, to find out where Canon fits into this dynamic roadmap.

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Ocean Network Express (ONE)

With the goal to set up 170 offices in over 50 countries in less than a year, ONE critically needed a partner that could help them implement a massive print fleet in offices globally, based on a tight launch schedule. They also required a partner that could help them achieve their business objectives, which included ensuring business operations meet their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vision on environmental sustainability – ‘Our Business. Our Environment. Eliminate Waste’.

So, how has Canon helped? Read on to find out more. 

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