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    Raymond’s Math & Science Studio: Boosting Print Productivity with Canon varioPRINT DP line

    Founded by Mr Raymond Loh, Raymond’s Math & Science Studio came about as a way to help students of all calibre to cope with Singapore’s fast changing education system and achieve their maximum potential. Mr Raymond, along with his team of dedicated teachers and staff, firmly believes in the passion of teaching, responsible guidance, and achieving academic excellence.

    With the heavy focus on a transformative learning journey, they have consistently been trying to source for production printers that are able to keep up with their high printing volume and demands on a regular basis, in order to provide relevant and useful teaching materials for their students.

    Today, Ms Peggy, Marketing Executive of Raymond’s Math & Science Studio, shares how Canon’s varioPRINT DP140 has helped to improve their efficiency and printing workflow over the years.

    Before adopting Canon’s varioPRINT DP140, what were some of the main challenges you faced?

    Our studio holds a wide range of tuition classes every day, for students from Kindergarten 2 to Junior College. On top of this, we offer classes for different subjects too, over 3 different centres at Bishan, Marine Parade and Punggol. In order for us to be ready for our classes, it requires us to prepare teaching materials in large volume each month, including school materials and the printing of books for each of our students.

    Previously, the preparation process involved a lot of manual work, which was inefficient and painful, literally, from the many paper cuts. Due to the limitations of our old printers, we had to refill the paper numerous times during each print, manually fold and staple each of the thick booklets while juggling other administrative duties each day. Having to run back and forth to check on the printing progress was definitely distracting. It became difficult for us to focus on our other tasks, and often led to us working till midnight just to make sure that all the materials were ready before the classes began the next day. As such, our productivity suffered as we were not able to handle huge orders since the printing process was slow.

    How did Canon’s varioPRINT DP140 solve these problems?

    With the new varioPRINT DP140, we saw a transformative change in our printing efficiency. Overall, there was a stark improvement in terms of image quality, workflow adaptability and productivity.

    One of the most important factors for us was the improvement in printing speed. With the increased sheet input capacity of up to 12,000 A4-sized paper and up to 140 ipm for printing speed, we could produce double the output with the same amount of time. Some other additional features meant that folding and stapling could now be automated and handled fully by the production printer, to easily produce stapled and saddle-stitched booklets of up to 120 pages. The integrated Saddle Press technology also helped to limit bowing, so our booklets would lie flat.

    We knew we didn’t have to worry about botched print jobs or ink leaks with consistency in image quality produced and the coordination of printing jobs between our three centres became easier as well. The Remote Manager feature allowed us to manage all print tasks from a central job management platform. Printing tasks could also be scheduled up to 8 hours ahead of time with the Job Schedule, allowing production to happen seamlessly whilst unattended. This has definitely helped us to give us an ease of mind and to save precious time, which we could then dedicate to more important and meaningful tasks.

    How was your experience when partnering with Canon?

    The partnership with Canon has been a valuable one with great understanding thus far. Each time we faced any technical issues, Canon has been quick to dispatch their service officers on site for troubleshooting within the day. And for that, we are truly appreciative for the support we’ve been given all these years.

    If you would like to find out more about Canon’s varioPRINT DP Series and how it can be implemented in your organisation for greater print productivity, email our friendly consultants at https://sg.canon/en/business/contact-us.

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