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    Three factors to help lead your company through Industry 4.0

    As we move towards a world fueled by data and machine learning, the way businesses operate is evolving.

    Here’s all you need to know about the technologies driving Industry 4.0, and how to emerge as a leader through it.

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    4 Ways Businesses Can Prepare Their Employees As We Return To Office

    With the easing of safe distancing measures and COVID-19 cases dwindling, many businesses are eager to welcome employees back to the office. It will take the effort of both businesses and employees to successfully navigate this change in working environment. 

    Mr Vincent Low, our Senior Director and Head of Business Imaging Solutions, shares how you can better prepare employees on their return to the office.

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    What’s Next for Businesses: An Interview with Andrew Koh, Vice President and Head of Singapore Operations Group, Canon Singapore

    As companies look ahead and reimagine how and where work will be done after the pandemic, many have made the transition to embrace hybrid working as the future of work. So, what does the future hold for businesses in these challenging times?

    We speak to Mr Andrew Koh, Vice President and Head of Singapore Operations Group, Canon Singapore, on his experience following his recent return from overseas postings alongside thoughts on the future of hybrid work trends and more.

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    Solutions to Turn Challenges into Opportunities: A Conversation with Norman Ayob, Head of Sales & Marketing, Canon’s Innovative Solution Centre

    From digitisation to digitalisation and digital transformation, Canon is committed to ensuring the sustainability and resilience of your business with the formation of the ISC team during these challenging times. 

    We hear from Mr. Norman Ayob, Assistant Director and Head of Sales & Marketing of the ISC division on how the ISC team contributes to turning 2020’s massive challenges into meaningful changes. 

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    Embracing Digitalisation For The Future of Healthcare

    Inefficient workflow processes can hinder a company’s drive to move the needle in the healthcare industry and Chugai Pharmabody sought to address that with the use of the right technology and solutions.

    Read on as Mr. Shin-Ichi Sato (Admin Head) and Ms. Lai Yee Ng (Senior Accounts Officer) speak about the challenges they’ve faced and how Canon’s digital solutions have helped to improve their work productivity in the recent years.

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    Re-shaping the Future of Live Streaming for Performing Arts

    With over a decade of experience in professional audio services, Rolton Productions has helped to capture the moments of various live music performances with their cutting edge technology and expertise in the industry.

    We spoke with David Wong, Director of Rolton Productions, to learn more about their business challenges and how Canon’s camera solutions have helped their team to overcome and establish greater standards.

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    The Basics of Business Process Automation

    To support a company’s dynamic and ever-expanding business, adopting various solutions over the course of operation becomes necessary. As the complexity of the company’s processes and systems grows, the efficiency and productivity of the organisation is put to a test.

    With automation, companies can seek to reduce the time spent on repetitive manual processes and tasks, hence freeing the time of employees to focus on value-adding activities.

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