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    Ooffle Singapore: Amping up Creative Digital Experiences with Canon’s new XEED Projector Series

    Ooffle Singapore: Amping up Creative Digital Experiences with Canon’s new XEED Projector Series

    Sharp, lightweight and easy to use – Canon’s new XEED WUX7000Z projector hits all the marks. Being one of the largest lens manufacturers, it’s no surprise that Canon’s latest offering is making waves in the industry. But what sets this projector apart from the rest in its class?

    Let Ooffle Pte Ltd, an integrated creative events agency dealing mainly with digital technology experiences, help shed some light on this topic. Elaine and Rapheal, Account Director and Account Manager of Ooffle respectively, share that clear, vibrant visuals are essential in their line of work and the XEED WUX7000Z more than delivers in that aspect. Using a clever combination of unique projection mappings with Canon’s XEED projectors, the company brings visuals to life, giving their guests an unforgettable experience!

    We talked with the duo to find out why this projector works brilliantly for their company – and their customers too. Also joining in the conversation is Norman Ayob, Head of Sales of the Consumer Product Sales Business Group in our domestic market, as he shares more on the XEED projector series, delving deeper into the mechanics of this award-winning range.


    What do users like most about the XEED WUX7000Z?

    Rapheal: When it comes to events set-up, time is of the absolute essence and I appreciate the easy set-up process of the XEED WUX7000Z. The image projected is very clear, and the final output looks premium, sharp and crisp. I especially like the brightness of the projection!

    Elaine: Another plus point would be the ability of the lens to shift to a wide extent, which gives us a comprehensive projection area to play around with. The projector lumens effect also exceeded our expectations, and was great value for money! Compared to other projectors we’ve used previously, this projector is also significantly lighter, requiring only two people to move it as compared to four people for other projectors with similar features. This allows us to save on manpower and cost. I also like the versatility of the lenses, which lets us use the projector for a wide variety of occasions.


    Norman: The XEED projectors is one of the series in our range that has won many awards, and is the first XEED series that comes with a laser engine. For the tight set-up frame of an event company, the projector’s laser engine and compact size help a lot – you can virtually put the projector anywhere. In terms of maintenance, there’s also no cause for worry as the laser engine supports up to a whopping 20,000 hours!

    Elaine: With the XEED WUX7000Z’s short set-up time, we now have more time to play around with the mapping, making sure the lens is adjusted well. This frees up additional time for us to focus on fine-tuning our videos and images to ensure high-quality content. From our experience, the image projected turns out sharp and crisp even beside a LED wall. Usually, if a projector is placed beside a LED wall, the wall will be very prominent with the projected image paling in comparison. However, we don’t face this problem with the XEED series!


    What are the key features of Canon’s XEED WUX7000Z?

    Norman: This projector uses Canon’s own LCOS (Liquid crystal on silicon) panels, which provide a beautiful and seamless projection that is almost free of gridlines. Its compact size is due to the use of Canon’s proprietary AISYS optical engine, making it lighter than other similar projectors in the same category. The XEED WUX7000Z is also compatible with six of Canon’s optical genuine lens; with this flexibility, the projector is able to fit our new RS-SL06UW, an ultra-short throw lens.

    What sets the XEED WUX7000Z apart from competitors?

    Norman: The XEED projectors cater to customers looking for quality. The projections are also very bright for its compact size – something that definitely sets the XEED series apart. Furthermore, in Singapore, the most common technologies would be the DLP and LCD but XEED uses LCOS panels, which positions the projectors for different applications.

    Elaine: When we use other projectors, we normally have to tilt the projectors in order to shift the lens. However, with the XEED series, we’re able to just seamlessly tilt the lens with a remote control without affecting the focus. Other projectors also sometimes give us the problem with the keystone, resulting in patchy clarity. The XEED’s keystone, on the other hand, allows us to project the whole screen with uniformed clarity. There’s a great deal of customisation that the XEED series allows for, and this is particularly helpful especially for the events industry. The XEED projectors not only allow us to present images, but enables us to tell a story through sharp, vibrant projections.

    Look into Canon’s full range of projectors HERE.

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