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    Grand Hyatt Singapore: 5-star Service with Canon’s Business Solutions

    Grand Hyatt Singapore: 5-star Service with Canon’s Business Solutions

    There’s a lot to upkeep when you’re running a 5-star hotel. With the high expectations of luxury, efficiency and excellent service from the moment guests check-in right up to their departure, there is little to no room for error to maintain these high standards.

    Grand Hyatt Singapore has evidently mastered the art of hospitality. Upholding their reputation as a globally renowned brand, Grand Hyatt Singapore is continually looking for ways to boost their daily operations with the help of technology. Thus, they partnered with Canon to help improve their workflow processes, specifically in the area of document management.

    ​​​How do Canon’s products and services fare in the face of a company that epitomises impeccable customer service and efficiency? Mr Sunny Li, Director of Grand Hyatt Singapore’s IT department, shares more on the hotel’s 5-star experience with Canon.

    What did you look for when choosing a document management system?

    As we continue to tune our business operations to meet the needs of today’s modern traveller, we realised that we needed a more extensive document management solution with more functions and features beyond basic printing and copying. Canon proved to be a brand that not only provided quality hardware, but also great software solutions that could maximise the use of our devices with their holistic document management system.

    Why Canon?

    Canon offers premium quality products priced competitively, but ultimately, we were impressed by the excellent service they rendered. The Canon staff assisted us all the way through each process, making sure all our questions were answered promptly, and ensuring that the transition was as seamless as possible through their attention to detail and dedication to their work.

    The deployment timeline for our overhaul project was very short – we only had a week to install more than 60 machines in our building. This included replacing old machines with new ones, and deploying the machines across various departments and levels. It was certainly a tall challenge, but the Canon team managed to deliver on this extremely challenging task.

    Canon also provided a trainer on-site to answer any questions that our staff may have. He was able to answer the queries clearly and effectively, and rendered personal assistance to each staff member. Coupled with the device’s intuitive system, our staff were able to adapt to these new devices very quickly.

    Can you elaborate on some workflow challenges that your team faced previously, and how Canon’s solutions resolved them?

    With Canon’s technology and solutions, laborious manual work for our staff has been significantly reduced, resulting in improved efficiency, productivity, and overall staff satisfaction.

    For example, we weren’t able to make edits on our scanned documents with our previous machines, but this has since changed with Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE’s area designation feature. With this technology, we can now edit scanned documents directly at the machine, saving us a lot of time walking to and fro our computers to the machine.

    Canon’s uniFLOW feature also allows us to utilise unique user ID authentication to retrieve our print job from any machine, adding a layer of flexibility and security. These new implementations have helped us save time and money, and our staff efficiency levels have improved by about 20%.

    Let’s talk about service. You’re from the hospitality business, so your standards must be very high. How did Canon’s Service Team perform?

    To me, Canon’s team gives the brand an edge over their competitors. The Canon staff I’ve worked with have provided exceptional service throughout, regardless of whether they’re from the sales team, support department or technical division. They are willing to go out of their way to help us resolve our problems.

    Even when we reached out to the Canon staff after office hours or during the weekends, they have always responded to us promptly, something that is uncommon for other companies we’ve worked with. To us, Canon has set the bar very high in terms of customer service.

    Our industry specialises in customer service and few are able to meet our high standards, especially our partners who are in a different business than us. However, Canon is one brand that has certainly exceeded our expectations. In my many years of experience in the hospitality industry, I’ve dealt with numerous vendors but rarely have I ever encountered a particular vendor that provides great service as Canon does.

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