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In present days, most companies struggle on manpower allocations and at the same time to safeguard premise's security. With the use of video analytics, it makes your surveillance system more efficient and reduces high demand of manpower deployment. Surveillance Network Cameras will capture the full value of its surroundings while video content analytics software will transform the data into powerful insights within short time frame. Anomalies can be corrected quickly, and remote monitoring can be synced within the same network.


Video Surveillance as a Service (Arcules)

  • Secure, multi-site video surveillance in the cloud
  • Video, access control, IoT, and smart analytics in one unified platform
  • Built on the Google Cloud Platform for scalability, security, and redundance
Smart Workspace Solution

Smart Workspace Solutions

  • A suite of solution to streamline workspace processes
  • Powered by Face Recognition & Smile Recognition technology
Video Management System

Video Content Management

  • Security solution to provide effortless control from anywhere
  • Easy installation, set-up and maintenance
Video Content Analytics Software

Video Content Analytics Software

  • Allow analysing of raw data and translate into solutions or insights for users
  • Increase operational efficiency and security