Owned by the Canon Group and built on Google Cloud, Arcules provides a suite of video surveillance, video analytics and access control all via the same platform. Arcules brings the power of the cloud to low bandwidth sites with Edge storage; an additional option to store video on the Arcules Unified Security Platform.

Customers with remote sites and high camera counts that struggle with low bandwidth can benefit from the flexibility of edge storage for each gateway connected to the cloud. Customers using the Edge Cloud solution can view video seamlessly on web and mobile from the edge or from the cloud, making it a flexible option for growing businesses.

Video Surveillance as a Service

One Place For It All

Imagine your whole organization in a single view. Arcules takes centralized management and re-imagines it for your organization. Manage security across your entire business locations through one unified platform.

Snappy, Reliable Video

Ease your worries with continuous video recording – even during an internet outage. The Arcules cloud platform is fast for both recorded and live video playback.

Locate Devices Easily

Quickly find cameras or sensors using a familiar layout in Floor Plan View. See your devices laid out over a building blueprint, and simply click on an icon to pull it up.

Rapid Video Sync

Synchronized Playback lets you display up to four cameras  in one view. Scrub through the timeline to see what was happening on all cameras at the time of an incident, then easily export evidence from all cameras into a shareable case. Now that’s a control center!

Powerful Investigations

Manage and document incidents with only a few clicks of the mouse. With Arcules, you can share cases with members across your team for as long as you need, regardless of your camera retention times.

Remotely Manage Devices

Updates and security fixes are constant and automatic, making your IT team happy while eliminating the costs and downtime associated with manual or scheduled updates like those common in an on-premise environment.

Deploy in Minutes

With Arcules, connecting your devices and configuring the system takes minutes, not hours. Simply plug in, power on, and let the gateway automagically add everything. With zero software to install and simple user settings, setup time is a breeze.

Smart Data Insights

Make better business decisions based on intelligent analysis, not guesses. Using cloud and edge analytics, you can generate heat maps, count people, detect vehicles, door access can be verified with video clips. Just imagine what this could mean for your business operations!

Access Control as a Service

Easy To Use

Intuitive, browser-based installation and workflow makes it easy to configure everything in your system; from doors to users to access levels.

Flexible Scheduling

Leave the IT team alone. It’s simple to set up global schedules, access levels and holidays from a single interface without the need for IT support. With a simple click, you can add and manage cardholders.

Proactive Response

Create rules and alarms specific to your operation to trigger notifications so you can proactively respond to security events. Plus, view live events coming from the controller to the Arcules platform.

Broader Control

Add in Arcules video monitoring and you have a complete picture of your facility: correlate video with access control events, associate cameras with doors, view the live status of doors, and authorize access to grant or restrict permissions.

Arcules VSaaS SMB Package

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