Visitor Management System

Managing your guest can now be done in a fast, secure and effective manner. They simply need to register with a quick face scan and data input. Digital data is kept on file for easy management. On their returned visits, they will be greeted by a welcome message for a personalised touch.

  • Automate visitor’s registration process
  • Welcome and greet your guest with personal touch


Simple Registration and Login for Visitors 

Simple Registration and Login for Visitors

Receptionist does not need to note the guest details manually anymore. The guest can easily register their details with a face scan on the tablet. Pre-registration can also be done to prevent overcrowding at the reception area. 

Greet Your Guest with a Personal Touch

Greet Your Guest with a Personal Touch

You can now greet your returned/registered guest when they enter the office. The system identify the guest via Face Recognition Technology and greet them audibly and visually on the screen. Receptionist can also identify the guest from the greeting as they walk into the office.

Automatic Host notification alerts

Automatic Host Notification Alerts

Notification in most offices are quite manual and receptionist must ping host while trying to identify the right host and scrambling through the list of office directory. With this system, registered guest just need to login to the system with their details and notification alert will be sent to host. Host can greet the visitor warmly at their respective meeting area.

Face Recognition Technology

Advanced Face Recognition Technology

With the deep learning capabilities of advanced Face Recognition Technology, it identifies distinctive facial features and compares with the stored data. This allows constant learning of individual and prevents spoofing. Identification of individual with mask during pandemic is also possible over time. 

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