Transform into a Smart Workspace with Canon’s Solution

Transform into a Smart Workspace with Canon’s Solution

Canon's Smart Workspace Solutions!

A full suite of contactless solutions that manages your workspace seamlessly with the use of Canon's Face Recognition Technology. Manage and provide a secure and seamless check-in process for your employees and visitors.

Secured and Convenient Door Access Control

More than just face recognition technology and temperature screening, you can incorporate door access control to deliver a single integrated process for authorised employees and visitors. Temperature and identity data will be recorded for contact tracing purposes.

Visitor Management

Welcome and greet your guest with personal touch while automate the registration process in a breeze. Advanced biometrics face recognition matching provides businesses with fast and secured way to greet, register and track visitors.

Facilities Booking System (Room Booking / Hot Desk Booking)

Manage your rooms and hot desks with fuss-free booking process prior to appointment. Get insightful data from statistical analysis reports on booking behaviour and efficient space planning and crowd control management.

Secure Printing Control

Sensitive documents require a higher level of security, yet a smooth workflow must be maintained. Face Recognition Authentication is incorporated into Canon Multi-function Devices to boost work efficiency with greater convenience. Prints are securely released at any time.

Workplace AI

Workplace AI is an Appliance-as-a-Service, offered by Canon. Based on your workplace requirements, the solution is designed and configured to provide visual information and automation. Maximise the data of your surveillance video and IoT sensors, whether for workplace, retail or security.

Smart Campus!

Tailored to the needs of Campus, Smart Campus comprise of Canon's Smart Workplace Solutions and other advanced technologies from Canon and partners, enhancing the experience of staff and students alike and ensure that the campus is future ready.

Course Scheduling & Attendance System (CSAS)

Powered by Face Recognition, course scheduling and attending taking has never been seamless and smoother for the administration staff and lecturers. Lecturers get real-time stats of attendance via dashboard, while absentees are reminded of their missed classes via SMS alerts.

Canon Remote Camera with Auto-Tracking

With Canon's 4K remote camera with auto-tracking of lecturers, lecturers can now freely perform their best through demonstration, presentation or whiteboarding.  Whether they move from one end of the stage to the another, the PTZ remote camera will automatically track them and ensure that the online or onsite attendees can view them clearly on screen.

Interactive Panels

Transform lecture sessions with 4K Interactive Panel featuring writing, presentation, and collaboration functions, providing an immersive experience to both online and onsite students when coupled with Canon Remote Camera.

Let Canon be the total solution partner in your digital journey!

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