Vision Edition

With Canon’s expertise in imaging technology, Vision Edition automates visual inspection while mitigating the possibility of human error. The extensive image processing capabilities provide a wide range of adaptation for different tasks and automated visual inspection, in any part of your manufacturing floors or production line. Work process is streamlined with automation for better accuracy and increased productivity.

  • Automate visual inspection with 18 types of image processing detection
  • Integrate with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for end-to-end process


Outstanding Canon Network Cameras

Outstanding Canon Network Cameras

With Canon’s expertise in digital imaging technologies, the camera has auto functions like Auto Focus (AF), Auto Exposure (AE) and Auto White Balance (AWB) to correct exposure and brightness level in dark areas. The Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) capabilities enable coverage of wide area and only requires one-time setting/calibration.

Automate Inspection Process and Streamline Work Process

Automate Inspection Process and Streamline Work Process

Inspection work can be time consuming and increase possibility of human error. The PTZ camera is able to detect the image automatically and read multiple images in an orderly manner with output value. Productivity level will be increased and minimize human error.

End-to-End automation process with Robotic Process Automation

End-to-End Automation Process with Robotic Process Automation

The final process of data entry can be automated with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for an end-to-end process. The “robot” will pick the data from the CSV file and send into the end system automatically. This will reduce manual data entry and minimize data error. Work process can be sped up for other job needs.

Various way to detect an object

Various Way to Detect an Object

Built-in with 18 types of high-precison matching units, Vision Edition is able to match shape, blob/circle, 1D/2D code reader, Analog Meter Readout, Number recognition and many more. This allows user to preset the requirement/standards while Vision Edition perform the matching automatically.  

User-friendly configuration system

User-friendly Configuration System

Embedded with flowchart template, user can easily setup their required workflow even without programming knowledge. Workflow can also be reconfigured easily if needed. 

Seamlessly integration within various department

Seamlessly Integration Within Various Department

With its flexible set up and high-precision matching units, this solution can be integrated into Manufacturing or Logistic department seamlessly. 

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