Smile Recognition Technology

With today’s technology development, the backend algorithm is able to read a smiling face. Thanks to the Smile Recognition Technology, its AI capabilities will match the real-time data with smiling element and the stored data before granting the access.

  • The technology of recognising a smiling face
  • Authenticate access with face matching and smile recognition


Block Against Spoofing Attacks

Comparing real-time data to stored data, it provides seamless profile matching before granting any access. Actual face is required for authentication.

Strengthen Security Measure and Reduce Touchpoints

Smile Recognition does not require physical contact with devices thus reduces the number of touchpoints or direct human interaction. This is suitable for pandemic crisis. With data comparison and profile matching from the database, it determines the identity and strength security measures unlike pin code or access card which can be shared easily.

Suitable for Various Entities

With the capability of reading a smiling face, Smile Recognition Technology can be deployed in retail environment to understand the customer’s satisfaction level of services provided. It provides a contactless interaction in high traffic venues. For workspace, it helps to brighten up the environment.