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    The Canon Thailand team was not only attentive but gave excellent support throughout the whole process, from the requirement study and survey period to proposal and implementation. We are glad to partner a team that truly understands our business needs, gives practical advice and provides exceptional services.

    Mr. Kampon Tiamduangtawan
    IT Director
    Jaspal Company Limited


    The Challenge

    • Paper wastage and high printing costs
    • Potential data leakage
    • Lack of accountability and usage control
    • Subpar print quality

    The Solution

    • imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction devices
    • uniFLOW print management solution

    The Results

    • Reduced print waste and significant cost savings
    • Enhanced data security with authentication
    • Ability to track and control device usage
    • Improved print quality with vibrant colours

    As a thriving business in the fashion industry, the Jaspal group is a proud family-owned company which started out in 1947 as an import home linen distribution business. Since then, it has expanded to manufacturing and retailing some of the most popular fashion lines inThailand which include the JASPAL, CPS CHAPS, CC DOUBLE O, LYN, LYN AROUND, MISTY MYNX and Royal Ivy Regatta labels. Besides their own independent lines, Jaspal is also Thailand’s sole distributor for renowned international fashion brands. To date, Jaspal Company Limited operates over 300 outlets in Thailand committed to fashion and footwear.

    Costly Printing and Lack of Accountability

    The absence of proper print management translated into high printing costs for Jaspal Company Limited. Uncollected printouts were on the rise and resulted in high paper wastage. The printouts left unattended also meant a high possibility of unintended document pick up, leading to potential data leakages. With over 720 users, Jaspal Company Limited was unable to properly track and monitor device usage in different departments. The lack of user accountability and control inevitably burdened the company’s overhead.

    Substandard Print Quality

    Jaspal Company Limited struggled with mediocre multifunction devices (MFDs) and inadequate support and services from their previous vendor. The MFDs that they were using produced printouts of subpar quality and important factors like an attention to detail and aesthetics could not be attained. This was exceptionally unacceptable since high-quality colour prints were of utmost importance to the Design Department which dealt with the designing of the company’s clothing lines.

    Achieving Cost Savings with Greater Control

    To deal with their pain points, Jaspal Company Limited sought the help of Canon Thailand. After a detailed site survey, the Canon team advised on an optimised fleet architecture for increased productivity. Jaspal Company Limited implemented Canon’s uniFLOW print management solution with 30 units of imageRUNNER ADVANCE MFDs.

    Thanks to uniFLOW, Jaspal Company Limited is now able to reduce print waste as print jobs are only released for printing when users authenticate at any MFD most convenient to them. Instances of printed documents being left unattended are also eliminated, leaving less room for accidental information leakage since printouts will no longer get picked up by mistake. In addition, Jaspal Company Limited is now able to better control and manage the different printing and copying activities in different departments. uniFLOW’s tracking and reporting capabilities significantly enhance accountability as device usage can be monitored, giving rise to cost savings with proper management.

    Crystal Clear Prints

    With Canon’s MFDs in place, Jaspal Company Limited currently enjoys superb quality printouts with laser-sharp images and vibrant colours. The Canon MFDs are able to produce prints which meet the needs of the company’s design team perfectly, where attention to every single detail is extremely important.

    The Perfect Partnership

    Not only did Canon provide the solution to Jaspal Company Limited’s printing woes; Canon took one step further to provide solutions that helped to solve more pressing business issues. With reduced print waste, data security, device usage control and high print quality, Jaspal Company Limited now enjoys a boost in efficiency and savours cost savings. Moving forward, Jaspal Company Limited hopes to eventually decommission other brands in favour of installing more units of Canon MFDs.

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