Face Recognition Technology

Face Recognition Technology identifies distinctive facial features and converts this information to digital data to be stored in the database. An actual face is required for authentication – no photo or video images– so the system is not susceptible to spoofing. Powered with deep learning capabilities, it can even learn to identify masked individuals over time.

  • Seamless profile matching with face mask or glasses on
  • Anti-spoofing for secured control


Block Against Spoofing Attacks and Has Deep Learning Capabilities

Comparing real-time data to stored data, Face Recognition Technology provides seamless profile matching and can identifies masked individual over time. To prevent spoofing, actual face is required for authentication.

Complement with Smile Recognition

To recognise smiling faces, this application can be integrated with Smile Recognition as a total solution. Authentication can be confirmed when it captures a smiling face before granting access.

Strengthen Security Measure and Reduce Touchpoints

Face Recognition does not require physical contact with devices thus reduces the number of touchpoints or direct human interaction. This is suitable for pandemic crisis. With data comparison and profile matching from the database, it determines the identity and strength security measures unlike pin code or access card which can be shared easily.