Access Control

Take access beyond the door as you get the flexibility and convenience for today’s and tomorrow’s need.

Powered with advanced Face Recognition and Smile Recognition Technology, office workflow like staff attendance and zone control will be seamlessly integrated for enhanced security.

  • Door access control with Face Recognition Technology
  • Manage employees’ attendance and zone control


All-in-one Access Control Solution

All-in-one Access Control Solution

Access Control employs advanced facial recognition technology to conduct identity verification and temperature checks. Integrated to Human Resource System for time attendance logs.

Support SafeEntry Gateway

Support SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW)

With the latest SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW) device, it can be integrated with Access Control to facilitate direct check-in to SafeEntry. This will facilitate the compliance with safe management measures at the workplace.

No operation hiccups under Low Light conditions

No Operation Hiccups Under Low Light Conditions

As the device comes with built-in fill lights, it can perform face scan under low light conditions.

Advanced Face Recognition and Smile Recognition Technology

Advanced Face Recognition and Smile Recognition Technology

With the deep learning capabilities of advanced Face Recognition Technology, it identifies distinctive facial features and compares with the stored data. This allows constant learning of individual and prevents spoofing. Identification of individual with mask during pandemic is also possible over time. To brighten up the workspace environment, Smile Recognition Technology allows you to give a big smile to start the day well.

All-in-one Access Control Solution

Enhanced Security & Efficiency with Various Access Profiles

Using face recognition, Access Control grants entry only to authorized personnel and provides temperature screening. Various profiles can be set to limit access to high-security areas – including time profiles that specify period of access for employees and visitors during off hours. 

Integrate with HR System or Centralised Management System

Integrate with HR System or Centralised Management System

This solution can be integrated with the HR system for seamless time attendance logs. Data can also be stored in a Central Management System for easy contact tracing in compliance with safe management measures.

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