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    Is Your Digital Transformation Missing AI? 

    We recently conducted a poll asking: "Will Artificial Intelligence be a part of your company's digital transformation strategy in 2024?"

    The results are back, and they are enlightening.

    50% of respondents agreed that AI is crucial for future-proofing their digitalisation efforts, pointing to a growing recognition of AI’s potential. Another 36% responded with “maybe”, suggesting they recognise potential, but may benefit from more industry-specific use cases and information. 14%, however, expressed uncertainty towards AI’s relevance, possibly due to concerns about implementation challenges.

    These results highlight an ongoing conversation about AI's role in transforming businesses. While there's a clear recognition of its potential, there's also a call for more targeted guidance and industry-specific applications.

    Canon recognises this growing trend. As Singapore progresses towards becoming a Smart Nation, we recognise the immense opportunity in facilitating this transition. That's why we're actively integrating AI and digital solutions to help businesses transform. Here's a glimpse of what we can offer:

    1. Simplify document workflows through Document Management Solutions like ThereforeTM:

    In today's digital age, managing documents is paramount for businesses. At Canon, we specialise in handling both physical and digital copies, helping companies in their transition towards digitisation. With the surge in online file transfers reflecting this trend, we position ourselves as the ideal partner for businesses embarking on new ways of working.

    2. Boost operational efficiency with AI-powered SMART eServices:

    While AI technology is becoming important, our people, embodying what we call HeartWare, remain the true differentiator. Through initiatives like Canon Service Commitment 123, coupled with our Smart eServices, we ensure unparalleled after-sales maintenance for our B2B customers, offering peace of mind and swift support.

    3. Revolutionise customer convenience and enhanced security with Canon’s facial recognition technology:

    With the advancements in deep learning, facial recognition based on deep learning has enabled a level of precision that exceeds human performance. Canon’s facial recognition technology harnesses the image analysis technologies it has cultivated through the development of digital and network cameras. It has a large-scale database and high-precision, high-speed AI deep learning architecture, which allows highly accurate facial recognition even for low-resolution images and those shot from challenging angles.

    To learn more about Canon's digital capabilities, click here:

    As one of the world’s most prolific inventors of consumer and professional imaging solutions, innovation has been a key ingredient in Canon's success, and we will continue to develop innovative technologies as a means of bettering the world we live in - redefining the workplace and enhancing lifestyles.

    With a deep understanding of evolving business needs, Canon offers expert guidance and dedicated support for your digital transformation process. By leveraging our expertise in imaging and AI, we tailor customised solutions to drive efficiency and innovation.

    Connect with us to embark on your digital transformation journey! Business can be Simple with Canon.