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Semiconductor Lithography

A lineup of Semiconductor Lithography Equipment designed to meet the technical requirements of a wide range of applications in addition to traditional semiconductor wafer processing.

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Flat Panel Display Lithography

A lineup of Lithography Equipment for array process, colour filter process and touch panel process and continues to support MPAsp series Flat Panel Display equipment by developing new functions & panel exposure productivity improvements.

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Disk PVD Equipment

Sputtering equipment that supports mass production and next generation development of magnetic disks.

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Semiconductor Sputter / Dry Etch

Vacuum application products, such as sputtering equipment, etching equipment, bonding equipment, and annealing equipment.

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Atomic Diffusion Bonding Equipment

Ultra-high vacuum in-situ processes of wafer transfer, film deposition, bonding and bonded wafer collection with automatic operation.

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Non-Contact Displacement Sensor

Measure the velocity and length without contacting moving target to prevent staining and damaging with high-speed up to 100 G of acceleration and features a depth detection range of ±15 mm.

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Vacuum Components

Vacuum components which are used by many companies and R&D laboratories engaged in thin film manufacturing as indispensable parts.

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