Universal Login Manager

Log In To Simplicity

Designed for smaller businesses, providing users with simple and personalized ways to log into a device. It also enables IT to track print and copy usages without a server

  • Secure printing software


Serverless architecture

Universal Login Manager allows Administrator to setup user accounts and set access permission via device web administration age. No external server required yet access information can be shared among devices.

Simple Tracking Report

Universal Login Manager provides a simple tracking report via a Rich Internet App to give administrator a simple overview of usage per person or department. Data from multiple devices can be shown in a single consolidated report or export out as CSV file for future analysis.

Scalable Upgrade Path

Universal Login Manager gives you the peace of mind as your business expands. It can be easily upgraded to a full uniFLOW platform for a holistic, unified solution that provides mobile printing, workflow optimization, fully automated reporting, and advanced security.