Next level business sensibility

uniFLOW is a software platform designed to bring the full value of multi-functional devices to the organisation. The modular structure of uniFLOW and the tight integration with Canon hardware allows the system to be built depending on the organisation’s exact requirements.

  • Output management solution


Print accounting

Accurate accounting data (print and copy) related job cost are tracked and stored with a built-in reporting system thus, providing visibility to the administrator or finance personnel where they can allocate and regulate cost in a form of a report. If a more advanced print accounting is required, integration of payment system such as Paypal is possible. 

Secure printing

Confidential jobs are held on the server and can only be released after a user identifies oneself at any device if it is connected to the same server within a trusted network. Concurrently, advocating financial waste management and an eco-friendly environment. 

Intelligent routing

With Rules and Routings’ intelligent mechanism, it is possible to create an unlimited set of conditions to route a print job to alternative printers in the event of unavailability (failover). Users would benefit cost effectiveness by setting desired routing rules based on their print condition(s). Furthermore, users can be notified via email, web pop-up or Windows Messenger Service on a route. 


Continuous uptime of print infrastructure is essential for all organizations. Within uniFLOW, resiliency is based on three pillars: print submission, redundant spool file storage, and continuous device availability. These features cover the overall print process to prevent loss of any print jobs and promote business continuity.  

Mobile print & release

Send and release a print job on the move through email client or an applet at the convenience of any mobile device such as mobile phones and tablets. Applets available for both Apple and Android users through the Apple® and Google Play store respectively. 

Document capture & workflow

Using paper and the information contained on it remains a critical part of every user's daily work. uniFLOW allows users to scan documents directly to their email accounts, network folders or document management systems such as Microsoft® SharePoint® & Therefore™ in the form of highly compressed image files. With uniFLOW graphical workflow editor, administrator can decide exactly what should happen when users print or scan a document be it archiving a document or OCR and capture information from the document.

Moving Towards Digital Evolution in Businesses

The uniFLOW Online Hybrid sits in the middle of the on premise and online platform. The Hybrid platform paves a way for users who are migrating to full cloud centrally managing both cloud and server locations. 


  • Best of both worlds (features of both on uniFLOW on Premise and uOL*)
  • Manage all devices on uniFLOW Online
  • Server and Online jobs in one print job list
  • Simple mobile printing setup for both
  • Central reporting for both cloud and server 


  • Future proof investments -> ready to migrate to uniFLOW Online anytime
  • Single system to manage all reporting and subscriptions across all locations
  • Reduce servers which also helps to reduce maintenance 

*Due to technology difference, some features available on uniFLOW on Premise might not be available on uniFLOW Online. Customers will not be able to migrate to Hybrid mode if a feature is not available on uOL. Please discuss with your local representative for further information.

For more information on functionalities, please refer to uniFLOW Online.