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UHDgc CJ17ex6.2B

Canon’s new CJ17ex6.2B is a step forward in providing the broadcast industry with a general use 4K lens that provides immense value for our customers who are looking at migrating to 4K systems. This is done by focusing on achieving 4K HDR optical performance combined with professional features that our customers have come to expect from Canon broadcast lenses.

  • 17x Zoom Ratio (6.2mm- 106mm)
  • 4K HDR Image Quality
  • Built in 2x Extender with 3 x 20pin ports

4K HDR Image Quality

Canon’s traditional excellence in optical performance is carried forward with the CJ17ex6.2B by achieving 4K HDR standards in both sharpness and colour fidelity. This is done in tandem with suppressing unwanted aberrations.

Both of these two outcomes are achieved through Canon technologies that include UD glass placed in an optimized arrangement, special coatings and lens barrels designed to prevent internal reflections.

Canon Broadcast Lens Feature

With over 60 years of broadcast lens manufacturing history, the CJ17ex6.2B delivers the standard features that our users have come to expect for a general lens in the UHDgc range.

Performance Digital Drive Unit

Utilizing the same drive unit as Canon’s higher end UHDxs lenses, operators can look forward to the same ultra high performance and ergonomics. This also translates to operational and efficiency due to familiar operation of Canon broadcast lenses.

Powered by Canon’s high resolution 16-bit encoder, CJ17ex6.2B's zoom functions are extremely smooth with precise speed controls, allowing operators to shoot better with less complications.