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UHD DIGISUPER 86 (4K Premium)

High optical performance surpassing 4K criteria

The 4K Premium UHD-DIGISUPER 86 features optimal lens positioning along with advanced levels of component and body assembly precision, helping to minimize the occurrence of aberrations to less than half of conventional HDTV lenses. In addition to achieving a level of resolution surpassing that of 4K from the center to the peripheral areas of the image field, the lens employs a built-in 2x extender that allows users to instantly increase the zoom range two-fold—from 9.3–800 mm to 18.6–1600 mm—simply by pushing a button on the controller.Even at its maximum focal length of 1600 mm at the telephoto end, the UHD-DIGISUPER 86makes possible superior imaging expression with outstanding resolution performance exceeding that of 4K.


4K OVER optical performance

This lens has outstanding optical performance that goes beyond 4K resolution, all the way from screen center to the edges. Image sharpness is maintained over the focal range of the lens and with changes in subject distance from the lens.

Applicability and ease of operation ideally suited to 4K shooting

Since the lens achieves the zoom ratio, long focal length and size as well as the servo speed and stability required for the telecasting of live sports events and other applications, it ensures the applicability and ease of operation ideally suited to 4K shooting.

High zoom ratio and long focal length

While displaying performance that surpasses 4K, the lens has the high zoom ratio (86x) and long focal length (800 mm) desired by many in television production.