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4K broadcasting lens with up to 600mm focal length and built-in 2x extender

Compatible with 4K broadcasting systems, the UHD DIGISUPER 66 (UJ66x9B IESD) is a broadcasting lens that offers the practicality and operability of HDTV 4K. It is equipped with a 66x zoom magnification and covers up to 1200mm with the built-in optical extender, achieving high contrast and excellent resolving power over this entire focal length range in a wide frequency band from HDTV to 4K. The IS system is capable of accurately identifying panning, providing excellent support when shooting 4K where the slightest vibration can greatly affect image quality. The lens is equipped with a 20-pin connector (encoder position output enabled) which supports virtual system. This makes it ideal for the relay broadcasts of indoor and outdoor sports, or any other broadcast scenarios that involve the use of a mid-scale relay system.

  • 9 - 600mm (18 - 1200mm with 2x extender)
  • 66x zoom; 3m MOD
  • Image Stabilizer (IS) and Constant Angle Focusing System (CAFS)
  • Virtual Output Connector


Advanced optics to support 4K cameras

With Canon's optical design technology, 4K images are rendered in high definition and high contrast evenly from the image center to the image peripheries. The lens construction employs the use of many special lens elements such as fluorite and UD glass, placed in the most optimal layout. It is particularly adept at correcting the color aberration that becomes prominent especially when shooting at telephoto focal lengths. This results in beautiful image quality, where colors are reproduced faithfully from corner to corner with minimal color bleeding or fringing. A special anti-flare coating inside the lens barrel prevents ghosting and flaring, ensuring HDR-ready flawless footage with rich tonal gradations.

66x magnification with 2x built-in extender

The lens features 66x magnification, covering a focal range from 9mm to 600mm. A built-in 2x extender allows further magnification up to 1200mm. Stable servo technologies (supporting high speed zoom at up to 0.6sec) ensure constant performance from wide angle to telephoto, providing high quality images even for 4K sports telecasts. The Constant Angle Focus System (CAFS) counteracts the zoom effect caused by the movement of the focus group during focusing ("breathing"), hence reducing the changes in angle-of-view that occur due to focusing down to near zero.

Stable support for 4K shooting via the IS vibration reduction system

The optical shift-type IS image stabilizer system employs Canon's optical and servo technologies to reduce vibration significantly, excellent for 4K shooting where even the slightest vibration can affect image quality. It is able to accurately identify panning and correct even the slightest swing-back, improving panning operability in situations with low-frequency vibration such during handheld shooting or when mounted on a tripod. Vibration reduction is also excellent not just when shooting at the telephoto range, but even with high-frequency vibration such as on a vehicle.