UHD DIGISUPER 111 (4K Premium)

Broadcast lens with 111x optical zoom, outstanding optical performance

Boasting a 111x optical zoom that covers a wide focal length range of 8.3mm (wide-angle end) to 925mm (telephoto end; up to 1850mm with the built-in 2x extender), this 4K broadcast lens for 2/3-inch cameras promises dramatic footage of sports and documentaries. 4K performance is further supported by dependable image stabilization (IS), which reduces vibration over a wide range of frequencies and accurately identifies panning, making it possible to use the lens with IS always on. A new feature, “Bokeh Effect”, has been added to the lens, allowing the cameraman to have servo control over the focus on the wide end of the image with the use of an optional macro controller.

  • 8.3 - 925mm (16.6 - 1850mm with 2x extender)
  • 111x zoom; 3m MOD
  • Image Stabilizer (IS) and Constant Angle Focusing System (CAFS)
  • Virtual Output Connector


Up to 111x optical zoom with built-in 2x extender

Featuring a 111x optical zoom ratio, the UHD DIGISUPER 111 achieves wide-angle images that are more panoramic than ever with its 8.3mm wide-angle end, and telephoto images that are closer and more spectacular than ever with its 925mm telephoto end (up to 1850mm with the built-in 2x extender). The Constant Angle Focus System (CAFS) counteracts focus breathing (the shift in angle-of-view that often occurs during focusing), hence reducing the changes in angle-of-view that occur due to focusing down to near zero.

Excellent reduction of flare and ghosting with ASC coating

With the various Canon optical technologies employed in the
UHD DIGISUPER 111, you can only expect outstanding 4K image quality. The generous use of UD and fluorite lenses minimizes chromatic aberrations such as loss of sharpness and color fringing on the edges, providing excellent color reproduction to every corner of the image. The UHD DIGISUPER 111 is also one of the first broadcast lenses to feature ASC coating, which has special refractive qualities to reduce flare and ghosting, improving the lens’ ability to handle outdoor scenes from day to night even under unpredictable lighting conditions. With this, HDR shooting can now be more authentic than ever.

Dependable IS system that maintains 4K performance

The optical shift-type IS image stabilizer system ensures excellent 4K footage, even when shooting at the 1950mm telephoto end (when using the built-in 2x extender). It offers high control over a range of vibration frequencies, from soft swaying when the camera is mounted in a high position to the higher-frequency vibrations that occur when shooting in stadiums or heavy winds. It is able to accurately identify panning and correct even the slightest swing-back, improving operability in a wider range of scenes. Dependable enough to leave on regardless of the shooting scene, the IS system promises 4K performance even when shooting at super telephoto focal lengths where powerful image stabilization is a necessity.