Therefore™ Online

Our Award Winning Cloud Document Management Solution (DMS), Therefore™ Online, is designed for SMEs and enterprises looking for a secure and economical way to manage content and information from the cloud. Therefore™ Online allows documents to be made available anywhere, anytime without investing in your own internal IT infrastructure.

  • Access your information anywhere
  • Automate with digital workflows
  • Peace of mind with Therefore Security


Capture and Easily Retrieve Your Documents

Capture, convert and index your information to electronic formats with secure archiving, making it easy to search and retrieve. Information can also be searched inside the document by performing a full text search, similar to popular search engines. For complex scanning needs, integrations with most backend systems are also supported.

Extract Your Invoice Data with AI

Extract Your Invoice Data with AI

Therefore™ Smart Capture extracts data from invoices automatically using AI. You can now process invoices of different layouts without preconfiguring any templates.

Captured data are indexed within minutes, helping to boost productivity and efficiency while minimizing human errors. Save your time to focus on your core business.

Access and Manage Documents and Information

Access documents and information via a variety of channels. This includes through the web or Therefore™ mobile application for remote access.

Update, refresh and manage information effectively across all areas of business. Facilitate and enhance collaboration through tools such as version controls, tracked changes and workflows. Also, comply with legal and regulatory requirements with automatic document retention policies.

Automate Your Work Processes

Decrease the time for physical paper based processes by moving to digital workflows. Email notifications for new tasks, approvals and even notification reminders can also be set to prompt users to take appropriate actions through the online platform.

With this, you can improve visibility and traceability of critical work process, and not worry about missing customer requests and minimize bottlenecks.

Secure Your Data

Therefore Online securely stores documents and offers complete control over document access.

Permission settings and other security features including audit trails, version control, digital signatures and retention policies can be configured by the administrator. This ensures your information is always secure from unauthorized access.

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