Publisher Select

Productive large format job submission software

The powerful Publisher Select large format software helps you create, print, and manage jobs in an intuitive way. You can use this plotter software for job submission to a single large format printer. With the Publisher Select large format software you can quickly create a job by simply selecting your files, have a quick preview, define the settings, and send it off.


Unique job submitter

Publisher Select plotter software provides the end-user with an interactive preview to represent the way it will print your image and it shows the effects of selected settings on the output. This large format software is your guarantee for perfect output. At all times you have clear feedback on the status of the device and which media is loaded.

Unlike any other wide format software Publisher Select automatically analyses your files and selects the media and print settings as defined in your template. On request you can print a banner page to easily identify which job is yours.

Large format software for previewing and printing

  • Fast processing and printing of technical documents
  • Thumbnail previewing showing how your job is printed
  • Convenient and reliable device feedback
  • Automatic legend detection for correct folding
  • Templates for quick and easy job creation
  • Job reprint, import, and export

Configurations and Related


Supported large format printers

  • ColorWave 300
  • ColorWave 550
  • ColorWave 600
  • ColorWave 600 Poster Printer
  • ColorWave 650
  • ColorWave 650 Poster Printer
  • PlotWave 300
  • PlotWave 350
  • PlotWave 900
  • TCS500
  • TDS750



  • Account Center
  • Integrate with Account Center for accounting and cost control