Product List - Smart Workspace Solutions - Canon Singapore

Workplace AI
  • Compatible with existing surveillance cameras
  • Capable of running multiple analytics processes per camera
  • Supports various functionalities including Perimeter Protection, People Counting, Heat Mapping, Face Recognition, and more
uHoo Aura
  • Monitors indoor conditions like CO2, CO, and VOCs
  • Provides insights by highlighting trends, aiding in event identification for air quality impact
  • Integrates effortlessly with software or building management systems for seamless compatibility
Course Scheduling Attendance System
  • Monitor attendance statistics in real-time
  • Integrate the facial recognition device with door access control to prevent unauthorized entry
  • Integrate attendance statistics with backend systems
Secure Printing Control
  • Intelligently route print jobs to available printers
  • Release print jobs securely upon authentication
Facilities Booking System
  • Manage your facilities and spaces with fuss-free process
  • Allow booking of spaces in advance and notify/share with respective personnel
Visitor Management System
  • Automate visitor’s registration process
  • Welcome and greet your guest with personal touch
Access Control
  • Door access control with Face Recognition Technology
  • Manage employees’ attendance and zone control