PRISMAprepare is an all-in-one job preparation software application that simplifies document makeready from composition through production.

Whether you’re collecting and cleaning up pages from digital or hard copy sources, PDF Preflight these documents, enhancing documents or optimizing colour brightness and saturation, PRISMAprepare preprint software streamlines your prepress workflow from start to finish.

Device-independent PRISMAprepare prepress software uses a standard PDF workflow to unleash the full power of and non- production cutsheet printers. Now, variable data printing, booklet creation, impositioning, colour split-and merge, colour management and adding finishing marks is easier than ever. And time-consuming hard copy proofing is a thing of the past.



  • The all-in-one, make-ready solution. From cleaning up pages and enhancing documents to checking and correcting colours, as well as preparing documents to accommodate staples, fold lines or punch holes.
  • Designed with the user in mind, an intuitive, award-winning interface. The WYSIWYG job preview ensure what you see on the screen is exactly what your end print product will look like. It enables even inexperienced operators to master any document preparation task.
  • PRISMAprepare helps to optimise productivity by enhancing automation. The pre-recorded templates, let operators drag and drop content into a 'hot folder' to create a print-ready document. This allows preparing of repetitive jobs fast and easy, helping operators avoid errors and maintain job-to-job consistency.
  • PRISMAprepare improves your profit margin by helping you complete jobs faster. Virtually eliminating hard copy proofing can save valuable time compared to many existing workflow solutions. Automated flexible colour detection enables the most productive split and merge of colour and B&W pages - delivering high-quality results at a lower cost.

Productive by design with make ready capabilities

  • Composition Make-Ready: Collect PDF sections from digital and analog sources, PDF Preflight these documents for common made mistakes.
  • Image Make-Ready: Correct and clean up imperfections; replace, change or modify (image) colors.
  • Color Make-Ready: Correct colors of texts, graphics and images.
  • Content Make-Ready: Easily make last-minutes adjustments to text, images and more.
  • Compose Make-Ready: Add personalization to documents (VDP).
  • Layout Make-Ready: Create the final layout of the document and visualize changes in WYSIWYG preview.
  • Media Make-Ready: Assign media to pages and sections of every job.
  • Production Make-Ready: Optimize productivity, choose the right production and finishing device for the job.
  • Finishing Make-Ready: Send finishing instructions directly to near line finishers.