Kofax Capture

Enjoy world-class document classification, data extraction and validation capabilities while ensuring consistent document capture, indexing and validation of all your information.

  • Document Capture Software

Power to integrate

Standard release scripts help you to connect seamlessly to your business systems from Microsoft®, Oracle®, IBM®, Open Text®, Hyland® and Interwoven®. This software also lets you export to any ODBC-compatible database or to a delimited ASCII file. It’s such flexibility that makes this solution the perfect front end for any system.

Data Capture

This solution uses a powerful indexing and validation process to deliver powerful, production-level document and data capture. It is capable of extracting important information such as machine-printed text, bar codes, hand-printed words and checked boxes for use in backend systems.

Enterprise edition

Kofax Capture is also available in an enterprise edition offering you disaster recovery for mission-critical implementations. Additionally, it provides options for enterprise-class database management systems such as IBM DB2®, Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise®, and Oracle Database®.