KJ20x8.2B KTS

Outstanding optical performance with built-in 2x extender and extra wide angle lens


  • 8.2mm wide angle
  • Built-in 2x extender
  • Very fast zoom speed (end to end in 1.0 seconds)
  • Advanced Digital Drive
  • Ecological, robust ergonomic design


Built-in 2x Extender

Previously, only relatively high-end HDTV lenses featured built-in extender. However, the recent arrival of many new lower-cost HD camcorders has created a strong market demand for more affordable HD lenses with built-in extender. This is especially important for journalism and production applications seeking cost-effective HD acquisition systems within limited budgets.

Outstanding Optical Performance

New design tools, encompassing cutting-edge optical simulation and powerful 3D design technologies, combined with new optical glass materials and new optical coatings produced a novel optimization of the cost-performance ratio of this new lens. The KJ20x8.2B KTS exhibits a high MTF at picture center that is also well-controlled out to picture extremities. The design optimization maintains that high MTF with operational adjustments of focal length and object distance. Longitudinal and lateral chromatic aberrations have been minimized as well as monochromatic aberrations like coma and astigmatism. Geometric distortion at wide angle settings is imperceptible.

The new optical materials and multilayer optical coatings have effectively attenuated optical artifacts such as ghosting, flare, and veiling glare, that might be stimulated by strong light sources in the scene (for example, sun in daytime and car headlights at nighttime).

Newly Developed Advanced Drive Unit

Together, these technologies and materials have produced an outstanding combination of cost-effectiveness and performance in the KJ20x8.2B KTS. The lens has minimized axial, and lateral chromatic aberrations, which can be reduced further with ‘the chromatic aberration compensation function’ that is built-in to the Drive unit. Coma aberrations and geometric distortion are well controlled. The new optical materials and multi-layer optical coatings used in the lens effectively lessen the ghosting.

The KJ20x8.2B KTS also has a high MTF (modulation transfer function) at the picture centre that is well controlled right out to the picture extremities. The KJ20x8.2B KTS’s optical performance is well-balanced for both near and distant subjects, surpasses previously available lenses in this price range.

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