ESET Endpoint Protection

An endpoint protection platform (EPP) is a solution deployed on endpoint devices to prevent file-based malware attacks, detect malicious activity, and provide the investigation and remediation capabilities needed to respond to dynamic security incidents and alerts.

ESET’s endpoint protection solutions leverage a multilayered approach that utilizes multiple technologies working in a dynamic equilibrium, which has the ability to constantly balance performance, detection and false positives.

  • Multilayered, cloud-augmented cybersecurity technologies
  • Multi-platform solutions for all Operation Systems



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Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions
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Machine Learning

All ESET endpoint products have been using machine learning since 1997. Specifically, machine learning is used in the form of consolidated output and neural networks.

Advanced Memory Scanner

ESET Advanced Memory Scanner monitors the behavior of a malicious process and scans it once it decloaks in memory.

Ransomware Shield

Monitors and evaluates all executed applications based on their behavior and reputation. It is designed to detect and block processes that resemble the behavior of ransomware.

Exploit Blocker

ESET Exploit Blocker monitors typically exploitable applications (browsers, email clients etc.). When triggered, the threat is blocked immediately on the machine. 

ESET LiveGrid®

All endpoints globally are notified of zero-day threats though ESET’s cloud-based malware protection system - LiveGrid®, without the need for updates.

In-product Sandbox

ESET solutions emulate different components of computer hardware and software to execute a suspicious sample in an isolated and virtualised environment.

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