Enterprise File Security Solution

EasiShare is the answer to your data security needs! It is designed for both sysadmins and end users to manage, share, and govern files, anywhere and anytime, in a single platform.
Over 50+ government agencies and enterprises recognise EasiShare for enabling their secure digital workplace with more than tens of thousands of users.

Here are 3 reasons why organisations trust us:

  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Meets both productivity and security priorities
  • Compliant to stringent security policies and regulations


Secure Share Request

Secure Share/Request

Exchange files of any sizes with external parties via a secure link that is accompanied with additional security features.

Collaborate Securely

Collaborate Securely

Create a folder for your team to collaborate on and manage their roles individually, based on their authority level.

Anytime Anywhere

Anytime & Anywhere

Manage or share files on the go with the devices of your choice. 

Better Governance

Better Governance

Unify data silos and manage all users, drives, folders and files centrally. 

Comprehensive Controls

Comprehensive Controls

Configure and assign specific rights or privileges to different users and groups.

Full Visibility

Full Visibility

Get a detailed view of all file activities using the comprehensive audit logs report tool.

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