Crowd People Counter

Managing Your Own Crowd

Canon Crowd People Counter analyses live videos by real time to count more than 80,000 people within 4 area of interest in a single frame, and provides aggregated count in a live graph view for greater visibility.


Crowd People Counter

Crowd Counting

This analytics system count even a dense crowd of people who overlaps each other due to our unique technology with ability to detect smaller human pixel, resulted count ability to more than 80,000 people on a single frame.
​​​​​​​Canon Crowd People Counter superiority programming can detect and stretch count area as far as 60° angle of view.

Crowd People Counter

Live Analytics from Multi-Brand Camera 

Support both Axis and Canon camera protocol, up to 20 megapixel which meet most demand of such high quality camera usage to monitor large crowd. 
This matches the market standard requirement for multi-brand camera integrate on one single platform yet deliver the result. 
Crowd People Counter

Live Statistic on Graphical View

Comprehensive aggregated report with live candlestick graph view, for deep analysis for counter measurement to crowd control, offer detail report that shows average and crowd activities down to milliseconds*. 

*Subject to settings

Introduction and Highlights

Sample Analysis Results

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