ColorStream 6000 Chroma

Next level colour printing. Efficiency meets chroma.

Highly flexible, versatile colour inkjet web press that combines outstanding quality, efficiency and reliability production of transaction, publishing and commercial applications.

  • Switching between mono and color with HeadSafe
  • Waste-free pause and printing in speed ramps
  • No constraint on image size - variable page length
  • Unrivalled industry benchmark in terms of uptime and stability


Innovation with Proven Technology

Excellent DigiDot quality for brilliant output offers unrivalled productivity and sustainability, thanks to unique capabilities of  HeadSafe concept and supreme ease of operation.

DigiDot Imaging Technology

Highly reliable print heads with DigiDot piezoelectric drop-on-demand technology, produces crisp details and smooth halftones with optimised ink usage via variable drop size.

Streamlined Design for Best Fit

Extremely compact design with a reduced footprint, fits easily into tight environment and reduces floor space required approx. 1/3 to deliver outstanding output to floor space ratio.  

Seamless Workflow Integration

Seamless integration into industry-standard workflow with support of numerous data formats and host connections  - powered by SRA MP controller and PRISMA suite.

The New Chromera Ink Set

For high quality in commercial, publishing and premium direct mail applications, the new Chromera ink set offers outstanding colour fidelity, wider gamut and higher optical density.