CN8x15 IAS S (EF/PL)

We have expanded the well-received CINE-SERVO series with the CN8x15. This lens adds a wider angle 15mm-120mm focal range and a 1.5x built-in extender, providing broadcast and cinema shooting coverage.

Available in EF or PL mount.

  • Spectacular 8K image quality & HDR compatible
  • Wide-angle CINE-SERVO at 15mm and up to 8x zoom at 120mm
  • 22.5mm-180mm with built-in 1.5x extender

Outstanding Optical Performance

Compatible with 8K cameras

Canon‘s optical technologies adopting large-aperture aspherical lens and anomalous dispersion glasses have been combined to achieve 8K camera optical performance throughout the zoom range.

Various types of aberrations have been corrected to the maximum extent, achieving outstanding optical performance from the image center to periphery.

HDR compatible

Our 8K-compatible chromatic aberration correction reduces colour bleeding. The light-shielding design and optimised coating inside the lens barrel minimise ghosting and flare, often more apparent on HDR video as it has an expanded tonal range to represent a more natural image. 

Ultra-wide with high power zoom

Capure more on the wider end at 15mm and reach further with up to 8x zoom. 

180°focus rotation angle

The 180° operating angle is designed with consideration for large-format cameras with shallow depth of field. In addition, the focus ring comes with a ridged rubber ring that offers superior operability not found on competitors’ products.

Virtual systems

The 16-bit absolute value encoder makes a detailed representation of images possible and the accurate position information detection makes calibration easy during CG synthesis. 

12-pin connection

The included 12-pin connection cable provides power to the drive unit and iris remote control. 

EOS-EF lens communication support

Data can are transmitted via the EOS System EF mount between the camera and the lens.

The camera will identify the lens metadata, record it and display it. In addition, chromatic aberration and peripheral light can be corrected based on the information from the lens when paired with compatible cameras.

Cooke /i Technology communication support

The lens supports the widely used Cooke's /i Technology communications protocol* and ZEISS's eXtended Data communication protocol*.

When connected to a camera that supports this protocol via the PL mount, information from the lens can be recorded and displayed.

*Compatibility may vary depending on your device and its specifications

Mount replacement service

The mount on the lens can be changed to either EF mount or PL mount, allowing you the flexibility in using the lens with your cameras. In addition, the changeable mount assures your investment in this lens for the long run.Note: A mount replacement kit is required (sold separately).

Mount replacement service is provided by Canon Service Centre or by selected authorised rental providers.