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Business Operation Automation & Tracking Solution (BOATS)

Transform your workflow processes with Canon’s Business Operation Automation & Tracking Solution (BOATS). From the account document filing to the matching of document and its retrieval, everything becomes a breeze with real-time status update and more.

BOATS transforms and modernizes account receivable processes through automation of your existing systems which you have invested heavily in.

With BOATS, AR and operation teams are freed from repetitive and laborious tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-value work, such as chasing late payments and improving cash flow and alleviating bad debts.

  • Reduce operation costs
  • Improve corporate compliance
  • Real-time status of operational documents


More Engaged Employees and Productivity Gain

Allow employees to focus on tasks with higher impacts and greater returns by reducing the tedious manual tasks through automation.

Real-time Status of Operational Documents

Be on top of progress for operational documents such as delivery orders and invoices, which matter to your bottom line.

Corporate Compliance

Automated and auditable systems which reduce errors and omission, will protect companies from frauds.

Cost Savings

Attained though automation and reduction of print wastage.

Improved Print Experience

Ease of printing through layout templates and Output Managed Print. Better integration with Multi-Function Printers.